Engine tear down videos

Jun 4, 2005
North Florida
I just found this guys YouTube channel. He runs an engine salvage shop where he tears down junk engines and resells the usable parts. I know there is another such channel with the guy who uses an old toothbrush as a pointer, but this guy is pretty good. I've watched several of his teardowns and usually there is catastrophic internal damage and from looking at the engines it seems they all suffered from going too long on OCI's or oil starvation. He is pretty good with his analysis of what called the engine failure.

I know how BITOG likes engine teardown pictures so I think this channel will scratch that itch.

I’ve been watching this guy lately (and the guy with the toothbrush), both are pretty good!

Just watched his tear down of the eco boost 3.5, failure seemed to be collapsed/stuck rings and a good amount of carbon buildup on the sides of the pistons leading to that. That’s my biggest fear with modern engines - piston rings, oil consumption and loss of compression.
The water pump location is the deal breaker for me for the EB engine in question. The location of it was a bad move for Ford imo. hide

I'd love to know the maintenance history of that engine.
That water pump is not a water pump. It is a water manifold and timing idler gear. the water pump is external on Longitudinal applications, only the Transverse models have the internal WP.

With a Mighty oil filter id bet that thing got cheap bulk oil at long intervals.

I agree it would be interesting to know the rest of the story.
I just watched his 5.0 Coyote tear down. He disappointed me when he spotted a Fram Ultra filter and made a disparaging remark about could the Fram have caused the engine failure. The Fram myth will never die apparently. It turned out the engine likely exploded, and I mean exploded, because of running it at high RPM's with no oil:
This toyota mechanic below explains why newer Toyota’s burn oil very informative I learned a few things from his video
Been watching his videos for a while, I like his sarcastic references to "adjustable" connecting rods LOL