Engine Damage Claim

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Apr 7, 2005
Bay Area, CA
Has anyone ever successfully had an engine replaced/repaired due to a failed major component? Spun bearing, etc? Did you win the claim even though you changed your own oil? Did you change the oil based on the "Severe" Service interval? It seems like they could always argue that you should have followed the severe service schedule.
Do you have all the receipts for your oil changes? I think that without those you will have trouble even proving what kind of intervals you used. They aren't going to take your word for it, they will require some form of documentation.
I don't have a problem with my engine. I was just curious of others experience. I keep my reciepts but I was wondering what other issues I might face if I have a problem.
A freind of mine has a Rodeo that spun a rod bearing. He had he oil changed every 5K or so and had most of his receipts, after a little grief they put a new motor in. Most of his driving is from home to work about 20 miles each way and a Little Rock to Dallas and back one or two weekends a month. The vehicle is well kept, but I guess the dealers just want to see if you will fold under pressure.
I would think that if you kept a small notebook detailing the service you performed (date, mileage, oil brand, filter brand, etc.) and kept the reciepts from your purchases, any dealer would have a hard time denying your claim. Just be sure to keep it current as the service is performed.
I would do this for all service, DIY or at a shop. It will also demonstrate to a prospective buyer that your serious about car care.
Most store receipts will fade to unreadable.

Keep a maintenance logbook.

Dealers will always try to deny claims.
But the factory district/regional service guru should force the dealer to do the warranty repair.
Never threaten the dealership. Just get the phone number for the factory rep and go from there.

If there is a severe service schedule, I'd consider it if using the jippylube, cheap fluids, or if you don't have a good relationship with the dealership.
You won't have a problem. The manual or warranty doesn't specify that prof of oil change intervals is required. And they don't (naturally) specify to what standard the records need to be kept (receipts/Dates/time/brand of oil or filter)
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