Easy on your tractor guys!

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Thats pretty bad. I think something let go in the driveline. You can hear the RPMs head for the sky right before it grenades.

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Hahahaha, thats hilarious. That engine said eff this, Im out of here.
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WOW!! The crankshaft continued to rotate, flailing those broken connecting rods around like wood chipper hammers!!! Talk about an expensive failure. The head is probably not even salvageable after that. That second clip is hilarious! The driver almost bounces out of his seat after running over his own engine. Almost surreal! Man I love listening to those babies spool-up and take off. Not too many of them blow like that mercifully.

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I had seen that first one before. And that second one is well very wild. I can't belive it doesn't happen more often. Several of these guys run over 200lbs of boost. Can you imagine the combustion pressure in these things! I've often wondered why the crankshaft doesn't just fly right out the bottom.
Here is a pretty good compilation

My college has got a thing for tractor pullin'
This is Mustang Fever, one the school's tractors, driven by a friend of mine. It was his second time behind the wheel.
This is poly thunder, another school tractor.
The is a professor's tractor
Student's personal tractor

The brown sled you see in some of the videos is owned and operated by a professor and all of the tractors and the sled are built and maintained by students.

Is it just me, or does the crankcase on the Case tractor look so clean as to have been empty of oil! Everything is bright shiny metal with no evidence of any lubricant.
Im guessing this guy used Walmart brand Supertech oil?
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