Car show Burn Outs Nice Video

I watched the entire video. There are some very nice cars and trucks that participated on the run. I liked the old Buick that thing had some awesome power. The Volkswagon "thing" was kind of neat as well as the guy and gal on the old motorcycle. It looked like he finally put the front wheel on a telephone pole to get the back wheel to spin. Now that's determination. Most of the drivers looked well over 50 years of age and most of those vehicles are worth lots of cash.
The lawn furniture crashing about in the El Camino (3:00) was funny.
Lots of open diffs on that strip. I thought that's how you spin out doing that.
Couldn't get 1/3 the way through.
Fun to watch, thanks for posting! In a way... glad to see these cars performing. Too often they just sit in a garage (or show) under a cover and we never get to see them doing what they do.