E4od 4x4 fluid best?

May 28, 2022
I have a 95 f150 4x4 w/350k+ miles on the original transmission, was wondering what fluid is best?
A lot of posts are old as well as spec sheets but looks like mercon 5?
Last fill was Mobil 1, but doesn't say mercon
I've got the factory trans cooler, bypassed the radiator and a derale deep sump pan w/cooling tubes. Transgo shift kit since 60k, I've had a temp gauge installed when it was still under factory warranty, and highway temps in the Texas summer are 120-140f, traffic around 150f, heavy 4x4 off-road 160-179f.
Is this normal temps?

And I've always done 5year/60k fluid/filter changes, cleaned the magnet, drained the torque converter, disconnected and drained/flushed the trans cooler.
Still shifts and runs as good as when I bought it back in 97. I want to see how many miles I can get out of it. Mileage is 359k+ because the oem computer was replaced@180k, and my current one shows 220k but I'm running larger tires so it's really a guestimate....thanks
these are my local options for the best price but the blue bottle just says mercon?
The Walmart high mileage says not to use where meron V is specd'


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Maxlife will be fine :)

Also, if your transmission doesn't have a drain plug, consider an aftermarket pan that has one. This will make future ATF changes much easier.
With those miles on the trans.. We need to be asking you !
lol, yeah i guess so.......but i can't remember the fluid used before the last one, which was mobil1. i think it was just house brand from autozone, but i can't remeber.
and the pan does have a drain plug but i always dropped the pan to inspect the trans, replace the filter, clean the magnet and put a new gasket. ive taken the filter apart before and it never showed any shavings, just normal clutch wear.

ive herd so many horror stories of the e4od blowing up behind a strait six with 60k but lasting 150 behind a powerstroke....lol.

i was told by a buddy who owned a trans shop that im just lucky, and there were several updates done to the 95 e4od that was much needed. plus the temps never get high, it holds around 20 quarts, and the shift kit all contribute to helping everything out......

i didn't buy the valvoline until you guys replied because it said ford LV.....whatever that is. i did run this same fluid in my trailblazer too. unfortunately i only got about 200k out of that trans, but that strait 6 was a top runner.
Personally, I run the cheapest Dex/Merc and change it < 30k. I don't usually drop the pan, I just suck it out through the dipstick with a mighty-vac. A 95 should have a drain plug on the torque converter if it's still the stock one, so that let's you get the majority of the fluid out.
yes, torque converter has a drain from factory but not the pan, but ive got a deep sump derele with drain plug. ive sucked it out via the fill tube before instead of dropping the pan, but ive got the drain now.

i can't seem to find mobil1 atf locally, its either valvoline, house brand, and castrol. i got the mobil1 at autozone last time but they don't have it anymore?
Stick with the Mobil1. Order it online from Autozone, Rockauto, or other local autopart store, and have it delivered to your address or local store.
Rockauto also has Aisin ATF MSV.
I run Schaeffers all trans supreme in my 7.3 E4OD, change it every 30k along with the filter. It's been working great for me.