E26 and E17 bulb bases

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
Just to make sure: The "standard" size, most commonly used bulb base type is E26 right? And the smaller ones that are found everywhere in fan light fixtures are E17? (AKA "intermediate" ?) or is it something else? Converting some of the bulbs to LEDs and want to make sure I order the correct base size. Thanks IA
Thanks Q! Another Q: smile If I put a NON-dimmable LED bulb in DIMMABLE socket (which now has incandescent bulbs), but NOT USE the dimmer, will the bulb work, and work at its normal max output? (the ON switch increases the light output from min to max when you switch it on, though...it doesn't just start with Max level... I guess this could be a problem? or will the LED just ignore that and go right to the max?)
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E26 is standard, also same as E27 (european). I'm afraid the smaller size you're talking about might also be E12, or Candelabra. That's the small screw in base for flame looking bulbs.
@tbird: not 100% sure what sort of dimmer you have, but sometimes, even with a dimmer circuit (set to full brightness), certain non-dimmable LED bulbs (or CFLs) will exhibit some kind of weirdness. You have to give it a try to find out (*sorry*) Good luck. Q.
Yeah, watch out for the E12s, I made that mistake when I wasn't paying attention. I didn't know of the difference at the time and from a far, they look the same. The dimmer issue is a [censored] shoot like Quest said. I think 90% of the time, you'll be fine. Some dimmers are made to top out there "full brightness" at actually 85% or so, as an attempt to save power. However, I don't think that the bulb will be damaged. They'll likely flicker. If that happens, I'd just rewire the switch.
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E26 is standard, also same as E27 (european). I'm afraid the smaller size you're talking about might also be E12, or Candelabra.
Yes and the small ones in Europe are actually E14. There is one more size, rarely used, but I've seen it before, E17: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edison_screw My fan fixtures have the regular E26/E27 size, though.
Thanks for all comments ! - I made sure it's not the candelbra size, and it's the E17. Seems candelbra is even smaller... I guess I can measure the width of the base, which for E17 is 17mm I think. all our dimmers are slide up and down type or press button, not rotary dimmers. Guess I will try a bulb and see what happens.
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