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Apr 30, 2003
Ontario, Canada
Have you tried it? Did you like it? Did you spit it out? Did you run away? I've eaten about eight durians so far, and enjoyed all but two of them, which weren't properly ripe, and of a different brand name. Frozen, it tastes like ice cream.
I had it fresh in Philippines and Malaysia, it is heavenly, custard apple taste but even far more intense and enhanced.
It's fine, but a PITA to prepare. I only have bought ones pre-cut. Hurts pretty good if one falls on your head from the tree. (But only for a microsecond... then you won't feel it anymore... or anything else for that matter.)
can't believe normal people can get close enough to eat this abomination. It's banned on public transit in Singapore even uncut for good reason. Walking one evening there, we could smell it blocks away. Almost gagged when we were about 20 yards away. it proves The Creator has a sense of humor.
They're really easy to open once you know the secret. There are three seams along which they peel open. You can find them end opposite to the stem. Thaw, first.
My boss opened on up in the office (he had been in Malaysia in the Peace Corps) and we first thought there was a natural gas leak or something. I had no desire to try it.
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