dumb RDX questions

Aug 6, 2020
good morning! THANK YOU for helping me with Accord timing belt and RDX rear diff. fluid.

I watched a great video from Engineering Explained about turbo, direct inject engines. I have a 2020 Acura RDX about 13,000 original miles

dumb questions:

1. unfortunately I DO make lots of short trips. I go to the ymca maybe 8 miles, run errands to gas, groceries, bank library, all nearby. from the video, the oil never gets hot enough to burn out water and fuel, etc. once a month go 60 miles on highway to daughter's house. I changed the oil Mobil 1 synthetic at 5,000 miles, 10,000 and 13,000 miles, and rear diff. fluid at 13,000 miles. Direct inject needs good oil changes. I think i have direct inject twin turbo

how often should I change the oil? i want to keep car long term, i love it

2. does my car have electric steering? I do not see a power steering reservoir. does electric steering use fluid at all?

3. i cannot see a transmission fluid dipstick. does it have one?

4. how often might I change the radiator fluid.

5. how often do transmission fluid and transfer case fluid?

6. how often change brake fluid? every 2 years?

I would rather do TOO MUCH maintenance rather than too little, will keep car.

thanks SO much, I learn a lot here.

thanks guys! glad to hear about the chain (no belt to replace like my Accord) and electric steering.

have a great day

1) I think you're doing fine with 5K OCIs
2) I believe that your RDX has electric PS and most Honda ePS don't have a PS fluid resivior that I've ever found
3) I don't believer your auto tranny has a dipstick and it is a drain & refill process with some YouTube involved around every 30K-50K miles. See Owner's Manual for everything.
4) Change the coolant about every 5 yrs w/ drain and fill.
5) Differential and Transfer case should be done about every 3-5 yrs depending on your driving situation. You seem pretty easy.
6) I like to fully flush brake fluid at each brake change and often when just rotating tires I'll just open the bleeder for a bit.
The Acura have an Maintenance Minder indicating when you need to perform service off your driving type and conditions (it knows temperature/warm up time length/length of driving eg highway vs city). It tells you when to change items.

I drove a trouble free 2007 Acura MDX which first owner followed Maintenance minder and I continued to 210k miles. I had no major issues but rust from bad body repair from first owner.