more dumb RDX questions!

Aug 6, 2020
good afternoon!

I am original owner of 2020 RDX. 18,000 original miles. will do more stop and go driving since daughter moved in.

1. I have changed oil, Mobil 1 synthetic, every 5000 miles. Is that enough? I am aware that direct inject engines, mine is also turbo I think, can put fuel into the oil.

2. I usually get Citgo gas, ALWAYS premium. I read that Citgo is tier 1. Is that OK? should I get a techron or other additive to clean??? valves and injectors??

I can also get shell V power near me.

I love this car, wish to keep it long term.

also happy for ANY ideas!

best regards,

Nothing wrong with Citgo premium in your RDX :)

M1 is good oil. Any d1g3 is good oil for your car. You should also consider using 5w30.
thank you slack tide!

OK, if I change oil every 5,000 miles, is that enough to limit fuel dilution in the oil?

do i need to add techron or other gas additive?

Why use 5w30? someone else suggested that. Why would I go against the engineers at Acura who say 0w20? why do we know something they don't? I do understand that turbos spin at some outrageous speed, like 200,000 rpm, which I find unbelievable.

would 5w30 protect better/?

i am going to keep this car-I love it!

Sounds like your Acura is under warranty, so just follow the owner's manual and stick to the manufacturer recommendations.

You don't need any fuel additives, just check the oil regularly (like when you fill up).

If that's working, you have no issue (ie, if it ain't broke then don't fix it).