Dropped the Formula Shell 5w30 from the Vulcan...

May 4, 2007
Well, after my stellar/boring UOA on Pennzoil 5w20 I decided to turn this engine into an experiment for a while. I planned on using some of my Formula Shell 5w30 stash in it for a UOA. Well, after 3K easy highway/interstate miles, the poor girl was drinking the stuff, somewhere/somehow. I added a quart over a 3K oci, which is not cool for me when I add less than half that with YB 5w20. This motor consumes/uses approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of a quart of YB 5w20 during an OCI, enough that I don't stress about topping it off. With the Formula Shell 5w30 in it I was checking it every time I filled up with gas. I am far from an expert, but I can only guess that the 5w30 is not as solid of a product (at least in THIS engine). Granted Formula Shell is not the "best" oil, but it has proven to be DARN good, especially for the price. I am still trying to decide if I am going to do a back to back run of 10w30 to get a UOA or just stick with 5w20, which this motor obviously favors. This kind of set my semi-anti 5w20 thinking back a few steps, I will admit it... Kinda makes me wonder about the superiority of 5w20 over 5w30, for this engine anyhow. Current fill is GTX 5w20 for a 4,000 OCI and then the second OCI will be sampled for a UOA. Flame suit on... Begin arguing...