Driving schedule and wear?

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Feb 23, 2003
I am just curious. In which situation will a car have more wear.

1) Car is daily driven to and from work 25km round trip.

2) Car is only driven on the weekends, started up once or twice a week.
Without an oil analysis I'm just guessing but I would suspect the one that's only driven twice a week would have more wear since more oil would have drained off the parts in between the longer shutdown time. Although an oil with moly in it should provide the protection against those cold starts, I would assume. Another factor could be higher iron content in the oil due to infrequent driving and corrosion.
Assuming the 25 mile drive is not in 1st gear trafic or on dirt roads, the second will probably show more wear metals for the reasons given by patman, especially if these "starts" are only starts that stay in the driveway or go very few miles.
I wasn't clear if those "one or two starts per week" were separate and additional with no driving associated with them. I think just aboust the worst thing you can do to a car is start it up and then shut it down. My neighbor has a habit of doing this all the time just to move the car a few feet.
The situations are just to get an idea the wear rates between a daily driver and a weekend warrior car.

I am trying to feel better that I use my car as a daily driver than parking it and just using it on the weekends.
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