dremel or dremel-like?

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Dec 28, 2010
San Diego, CA
I have found out that my dremel tool has died so I might need a replacement. Here's the scoop: I want to use it for removing some rust/loose paint on the car to repair. The dremel people suggest using a wire brush at low speed. I want to spend MINIMAL money. A single speed dremel tool is about $20 but this has only high speed. Multiple speed dremels are too expensive. A knock-off brand is maybe $10 or so. Chicago-something brand (?). Online comments state that this tool lacks torque. Maybe that is okay? Any thoughts or suggestions?
Really depends on how long you want to keep it. I buy Dremel, but buy cheapie China tools for it. Huge pack for like $10 or something. Can't beat the combo. Must be a small rust spot!
Yeah, its a lot of stuff for not much money. Of course if it doesn't work they all the money is gone. I have four spots, each maybe 2" square or so.
I use air tools for something like that. So far all the tools in the large yellow(?) HF kit - from sanders to cutters, etc have all worked about as good as the super overpriced bits from Dremel. But I still say if you want something to last a few years get the Dremel motor.
Don't knock the single speed. You'll probably press the grinder into the rust until the motor slows anyway. HF's "chicago-something" is a knockoff of a real "chicago-something-else". If the store is near you and the return policy allows, buy one and bring it back when you're done, complaining about the torque, if it bothers you.
A drill with a wire brush would be my choice over my dremel in the first place. Especially if it's corded. Then hit the bare metal with some sandpaper, prime, paint.... maybe a 2 part topcoat?
well the wheel with the drill spins as fast. you just buy the bigger wire brush wheel. 2k rpm x 2" radius squared x PI = drill =25k IPM 20k rpm x.5" radius squared xPI = dremel =15700IPM thats using a dremel wheel with 1" diameter and a 4" diameter wire wheel on drill if you used a 3" wire wheel on the drill 2k x 1.5 squared x PI = 14100 IPM just dont try to use the tiny dremel tool on a drill. also most drills will goto 2500rpm I used 2k rpm. breaking out my calc and using fudged numbers(pretty close)
A Dremel is not really a "work" tool, it is more of a craftsmans tool. The drill is more in the right direction, but possibly not quite enough. If not, I would suggest a Harbor Freight 4" angle grinder with a wire cup.
depending on how bad the rust is you could also use a nylon abrasive flapper wheel. (whatever the kosher term for those is)
Those small Dremel wire wheels can't handle a lot of speed with a load on them. If you crank it up to 30k rpm, the wires will start flying out at you and embed themselves in your clothes. You've got to get a variable speed model if you want to use wire wheels.
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