Door unlocking on it's own problem & fix

Aug 22, 2009
Pittsburgh,PA U.S.A.
About 10 days ago when I came out of a store and went to enter my 2016 CR-V EX the vehicles door was not locked. Then a few days ago as I was walking away from the vehicle I heard the doors unlock. I went back and locked them again and they unlocked again a few seconds later. I tried locking from the passenger side and the button on the trunk, and both of those locked it and it stayed locked each time I tried those. But when I lock it from the driver's side if I don't move quickly away from the vehicle it will unlock again. I had heard that these touch-sensitive door locks have had a high failure rate. So I happened to be in the area of the local Honda dealer and I stopped in and talked to a few people and found out that they want $590.55 for a door hand it was an hour's worth of labor to put it on and their labor charge is. $285 an hour. And both of those cost would have an additional 7% tax bringing the total to $936.84

Also, that they have replaced many of these.

So I thought I would try to see if I could fix it myself first.

We've had an awful lot of dirt settling on vehicles lately from just out of the air. So I was thinking possibly some dust got in there. I blasted it off really well at a self serve car wash. That did not help.

I washed the car and while I was doing that I washed the handle very well and then I treated it with some rubber treatment on the back side of the handle where the rubber part is. That did not help.

So I started thinking about what would be involved to remove the handle and clean it up inside very well if I could get it apart.

Then in the evening I realized that my problem started the same time when I started using my new phone, A Samsung Galaxy A 53 5G (referbished $150.00).

The time delay betwein locking the door and having it unlock on it's own was about the same amount of time that it would normally take for the door to unlock automatically if you had left the fob inside the car. So I started thinking that maybe my new phone is sending out enough of a signal to cause the vehicle to think that the fob is locked inside the car. So I put the phone a very far distance from the car and the problem went away. I brought the phone back and the problem reoccurred. So I started to think about what I could do to prevent the phone from causing this problem. I turned off Wifi connection and bluetooth connactions on the phone and the phone no longer causes the problem.

It's a bit of an inconvenience to keep these turned off. Because I do use them when I have the phone in the house. But when i'm going to exit the vehicle from now on I'll have to have this turned off.

I'm just passing this on to everyone. Because apparently an older vehicle that has a key fob may not be protected from interference from the more modern versions of cell phones. Mine certainly is not. My previous cell phone was a Samsung galaxy orbit and I had no problems with the door lock when I used that phone.

Also, I wonder if the design has been improved to not have this problem with modern more recent phones, and people are getting fleeced by the dealerships selling them an upgraded part.
And them thinking that the original part had failed when the problem is that the original can't handle the Interference that new phones cause. Also, it seams that the service person at the dealer is clue-less about what is actually going on. This is just speculation on my part, but it sounds pretty plausible.
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Here's an idea. What if you kept the phone in a faraday bag when in this situation?
I clearly see that you did detailed troubleshooting and can see why you believe that is the issue. I am just having difficulty accepting that as the real reason and think it may be a coincidence because phones and vehicle key frequencies are not the same nor even close. I suspect the issue will happen again but please do keep us updated.
The symptoms sounds exactly like the well documented faulty Body Control Module issues that Honda has experienced on numerous CRV, Pilot and Odyssey platforms of the 2011 to ~2020 era. Huge number of complaints with intermittent unlocking doors and false triggering of the security alarms. Google Honda BCM problems for specific details.
not to mention it happened on my 96 civic.. it was a faulty door lock control module, in the door! Seems like Honda cannot fix this issue it had since 25+ years ago! If the phone is causing this.. it's, more like the BCM as @Nukeman7 said.. (y) sounds like any kind of EMI/RFI frequencies is affecting the BCM.. then again think about leaving the car in a parking lot and anyone walks by with any cellphone! Park next to a cell tower?! etc.. BCM is faulty and needs to be looked at.
I’ve noticed on our odyssey and accord, if I have my key in my pocket, and am washing the car, it will self unlock or lock when I spray the door handles.

Maybe you have moisture in somewhere?
If I have my phone in the same pocket as my Dacia's keys, the car won't automatically unlock. When I get in the car I get a "Keycard not detected" message and I have to place the key on a pad on the centre console to turn the engine on.
Here is an update:

The problem with the door lock on my 2016 CR-V EX came back. So I decided to put some more thought into trying to figure it out. I looked at some YouTube videos of how to remove the door panel and how to R&R the door handle. We had a lot of rain here recently for several days in a row, and I was thinking that one of the problems might be that some water had gotten inside the handle because there is a bundle of wires with heat-shrink that come from the handle and water might get into the handle there.

I took the door panel off and took apart the electrical connectors (removing them from the mount is a little tricky) and sprayed corrosion X Aviation grade electrical contact cleaner on both sides of each of the connectors (where the wires go into each and also on the connection ends). I then put the connectors together and took them apart about a half a dozen times to work the connectors to make sure that they would get good connections. I also did the same with all the other connectors on the door. And I also sprayed a decent amount of corrosion X Into the actual door handle while I had the panel off the door, because it was easy to access where the wires went into the door handle while it was still on the door but from working inside of the door. I put it all back together and it's been working fine now with no problems. And even if I put the phone near it with all of the connections on the phone enabled such as wifi and bluetooth there still is no problem with the doorhandle.

When it was acting up, it really did act up more if the phone was near it with bluetooth and wifi enabled. The fob had to be near it, and the combination of fob and phone would make it unlock without touching the back of the handle. Sometimes when it was bad the combination of phone and fob did not make it open but if you touched the vehicle anywhere it opened.

It had two B codes, I cleared them with my blue-driver and it has remained code free.

Anyhow, I've got it working 100% correctly all the time. And I didn't have to buy a new door handle from the dealer. No more opening when it should not, and it opens when it should.

Amazing, what just cleaning the electrical contacts of the connectors for the wiring and treating them with a good electrical contact cleaner and maintainer can accomplish. I think I save myself $936.84

Now I'm starting to wonder how many other times people have replaced electronic items on vehicles when actually it was the connectors that were not doing their job.

I bought that can of corrosion x aviation grade about twenty years ago and its getting low. But it's great stuff for cleaning electrical contacts. And I understand that it is use on electrical contacts for aviation such as lear jets. Whenever this can finally runs out I'm definitely going to buy another.

Now I'm thinking that I should treat all of the electrical connectors in all of the doors with corrosion x before the next winter gets here and its too cold to be working on the car.
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