Does anyone have experience dealing with when there is a REAL issue that needs addressed?

Wow, yeah, I can see your frustration since cancelling isnt an option for you in wanting that price and I dont blame you, more so coming from Walmart you expect to get what they advertise. Your really at their mercy and completely unacceptable behavior from Walmart.
Last edited: ususally are pretty good with what they are selling and sending to me. 3rd party "mom and pop" and "small business" on the other hand are all over the place.

Last month I have to file a police report for a $6.99 product lost in mail and open a case with eBay to get the seller to refund me. I told them I'm ok with a replacement instead of a refund but they just won't care. I end up buying it again anyways.
Sounds like you don't want to get your money back and you don't realize you're not going to get the product. You're about to lose $1000 because you think you're going to get something at some deep discount in 2021.

Not gonna happen. You either need to call the credit card company immediately or be content with losing your money.
I'm not concerned at all about "losing my money." They don't charge me until it ships. They have nothing to gain by jerking me around like this.
But in the real world, no one can actually buy that one either. Consider that it doesn't exist. The supplier realized they could make money pulling the GPU to sell separately, so this pre-built PC simply no longer exists.

The Walmart website sells stuff directly as well as listing for third parties. It will be very clear in the listing which way it is. I would not even try to buy anything that is not direct.
Correct. I've stated that this entire topic is not relevant to third party sellers. Only directly.
Sounds like you are bound and determined to get this computer even though the seller doesn’t have any. Meanwhile they use your money plus others as a float.

Just cancel it.
Yes that computer is very likely setting off the coast in a container ship. If it isn't in the store you can likely forget about it until the real reason for those ships not emptying is resolved!
I got the answer I needed about a week and a half ago. I've been beating my head against the wall with Walmart for well over a month and have made AT LEAST 100 phone calls in that time trying to get to the bottom of this. They ended up canceling my order after over a month of zero shipping progress even though I was promised by at least a dozen employees that would not happen unless I canceled it myself. I ended up finding one locally and paid full price just in case the pending order was canceled. But then two days after it canceled, a second one popped up in a local store that was also showing available to be ordered online and picked up in-store. That got my curiosity kicking into overdrive. I posted this exact message on the SlickDeals page for the item, but I feel it's relevant to post it here also. I have concrete proof that Walmart was screwing with me the entire time. It also reveals how scary their system really is. My post pasted from SD:

"So I found out something truly interesting. I found a unit at a store about an hour away from me because it was listed online. So I decided to bark up the tree again to see if I can order it and match my original online order price that was discounted. I started with a supervisor and asked to reorder the canceled order. He said he couldn't do that (which I already knew). So I said "I thought you'd say that. I managed to find one locally and bought it for the full price already. Can you adjust the price?" He couldn't (again, I already knew this). So I said "I also thought you'd say that, so I already did some homework and found one available to order online and pick up at a store. Surely you can match the price to a new order placed, right?" He reluctantly agreed and detailed exactly how. I place the order, he goes in and adjusts the price immediately after it's placed, and problem solved. So I do exactly that. He adjusted the price and I got an email confirmation of the adjustment. Less than 10 minutes later, the order was canceled.
"Your order was canceled due to unusual activity

Hi OilMagnate,

We're sorry, we canceled your recent order for your protection because it was flagged by our credit and fraud team. You won't be charged for this order."

So I tried again when I called back with a different rep. Same result 10 minutes later. Then the third time, I spoke to new supervisor who recommended I use a different name, phone number, credit card...everything different (the irony!). Same result. So I called and got extremely ****** off and demanded I speak to the "credit and fraud team" since they are canceling my orders. They told me it doesn't exist!!! I got irritated, hung up, and tried again. Four reps told me they don't have a fraud team! It's a **** good thing I didn't actually have a fraud issue! Finally I got through to someone in that department. I started off irate, but quickly reeled it in when I discovered she spoke perfect English (I then knew I ended up somewhere special). She asked for all of my information, asked how I was placing the order (which device, which card, which account, which IP, the list went on...), and at the end she said to use all of my normal stuff exactly as I told her and it would work because she manually changed things on her end to "unblock" everything. I just need to wait 1 hour before trying again. I then vented and explained that there is a really serious problem when I can't reach a fraud team, was specifically instructed by a supervisor to circumvent your fraud measures, and have to call a hundred times and jump through hoops just to receive my item. It was an awesome phone call, one that I hope corporate listens to. I gave it two hours just to be safe, and placed the order again and had them adjust it again. An hour later...canceled, same reason. At this point I decided to go for broke to call Walmart out on their bull****. I placed the order for full price, no adjustment, no phone call...just a normal order. This way if it went through, I now have the proof Walmart was ****ing with me the whole time. The next morning, sure enough, "Your order is ready for pickup."

So I called back one final time and was a ROYAL ****head, and I didn't feel bad about it because I now had the proof it was all a facade. I got a supervisor and explained a long, long tale of a month's worth of information, anticipation, aggravation, and how many wasted man hours they spent all because there was some employee or bot canceling the orders because it was under some threshold. I didn't ask questions, I had demands. I said "you WILL adjust this order to my original order total before I drive an hour one-way to do Walmart's job for them (shipping it to my door), you WILL compensate me for doing the job Walmart failed to do ("find one of these PCs anywhere to fulfill the [original] order" as a supervisor told me before), you WILL compensate me for all of the lies your employees told me ("your order will not be canceled unless you cancel it yourself"), and you WILL compensate me for all of the countless hours I've wasted calling you guys over 100 times in the last month."

I was truly amazed after 20 minutes of non-interrupted listening when she deviated from the script and she [sincerely] wholeheartedly agreed with me. Without wasting time, she looked up my original order for the amount to adjust, then agreed to apply an extra adjustment for a total of $230 (plus tax!). She genuinely apologized, and asked if that would be an appropriate amount for the frustration Walmart caused. I agreed, because she didn't really have to do anything at all. After another apology, she asked if anything else could make this situation any better. I declined, but made it a point to mention that I appreciated her truly listening and taking a month's worth of heat Walmart built up that was 100% not her fault. I apologized to her personally and explained that I knew basically not to shoot the messenger/middleman, but unfortunately Walmart doesn't have a good chain of command to relay issues to. Long story short, I TRULY hope corporate listens to that call, because I **** all over Walmart in great detail, called them out for every ounce of shady **** they tried to pull, and made it clear that the person handling the call didn't deserve the treatment that was directly caused by her employer's business practices. It's not her fault, but her company chose to make her the highest reachable recipient for the **** that rolls uphill. One of my absolute finest mic drop moments tearing into a company because I had the proof they were the ones doing something shady...borderline fraudulent ("credit and fraud team" that doesn't exist).

Hopefully someone learns from this post in the future. If you get a discount on an order, be prepared for it to be canceled. Then reorder it, wait for the "ready" email, and have them adjust it before picking it up. Problem solved.

In the end, after my 5% back, I will be under $800 out the door for this PC. I'll take the W and completely avoid Walmart going forward."
I ordered a $1000 PC on October 5th. It was scheduled to arrive on the 10th. As I type this, it is STILL in 'delayed' status and has not left their warehouse. I purchased it after finding it on SlickDeals, but it wasn't a super popular item. Not everyone has $1000 to throw around. I've called at least 20 times in the last 3 weeks. It's always the same foreign rep reading the same unhelpful script. 'Supervisors' repeat this useless charade. Let me be clear, I'm not a 'Kevin' demanding my item appear out of thin air, especially in an electronic chip shortage as well as a shipping container/port emergency. I'm realistic, and I understand the current environment. What I have an issue with is the fact that countless people are reporting on SlickDeals that their orders are being automatically canceled after 20 days. But it doesn't end there. Several times since I placed my order I've seen this item back in stock on, shipped and sold by Walmart directly, as recently as 1 hour ago. Two supervisors have told me the item is backordered without an ETA, and they positively do not have this item in any of their warehouses. So why is Walmart selling inventory they do not have?!? This is completely unacceptable. They have definitely canceled peoples' orders who placed them 20-25 days ago, but they're still taking more orders that they know they can't fulfill? If I wasn't in my current lucky situation and had my order canceled I'd be absolutely irate that people have the opportunity to receive one when I paid for mine weeks ago and was ignored.

What's even more infuriating is that there is absolutely nobody I can get information for beyond your local store manager or a dot com 'supervisor.' The only confirmed entity above these two that I've discovered is a "customer resolutions team" that can only be contacted via internal email. No website tech support, no fulfillment division, no corporate contact, nothing. I was even directly told that if my order is canceled (with or without my consent), I will have no leg to stand on. I won't be able to reverse it, I won't be able to reorder it if it's out of stock, nothing. I'm just completely out of luck.

So again, I'm not demanding things appear out of thin air. I don't care if I have to wait until 2022 to receive the item, as long as I actually get it. I'm just upset that I can't open the correct eyes to allow them to see the problem at hand here (allowing items to be sold when previous orders remain unfulfilled or were canceled, and they have confirmation of zero inventory). Does anyone else have any experience, information, or advice when dealing with a highly unusual issue regarding Bonus points if you have some contact information...
If I were you, I would go to a Walmart actual store and buy one that way.

I have ordered online from Walmart but the process was as convoluted as can be, Amazon beats them hands down.. there is maybe one specific lubricant they may have on I will check, but they also have it by the quart in store, so, maybe I am saving $5? Now you're asking about computers.. they have those in the stores too.

From what I hear, is not amazing and smooth. This matters.