Does anyone have a spare carfax report?

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Jun 14, 2010
I am going to look at a car tomorrow. Does anyone have a spare carfax report you can fun for me? If so, can you message me? Very much appreciated!
Be careful....I asked the same question about a month ago and some BITOGers responded like I stole from the 'poor box' at church....said it was 'unethical'...etc....

I disagree and wish I had one so I could run the report for you...
Ask the dealer for the Carfax for the vehicle.

Make sure it's current and complete and you are in business.

Even if it's a private seller, he may have printed a Carfax himself to help sell the car.

As for ethics, as long as the guy that provides you the Carfax has paid himself, there's no problem.
It goes against the carfax terms of use. If you post a vin, that unique string goes all around the world and carfax will notice the coinky-dink and could bust the subscriber. If the subscriber is dumb enough to "be nice" they have it coming. NHTSA has links to one-time-use title search companies for about $3, BTW.

I wouldn't trust a dealer's carfax either. They can photoshop. Carfax is one very small tool to be used in checking out a vehicle.

In my state a prospective buyer can just demand to see the title! It's so simple, yet noone does it. Watch the dealer squirm as their lender might have it etc but the lender needs to understand state law! It won't catch "everything" but it will also show if a car was repo'd, which carfax doesn't (always)!
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I wouldn't trust a dealer's carfax either. They can photoshop. Carfax is one very small tool to be used in checking out a vehicle.

You wouldn't think this could happen but I know first hand that it does. When I bought my CPO 4Runner it's carfax (provided by the Toyota dealer) was accident free. When I traded it in 4 years later at a Subaru dealer it has an accident in upstate New York from 2 years before I bought the car (carfax provided by the Subaru dealer). I never ran a carfax myself to see which dealer was giving me a geniune carfax.
CarFax is purely garbage in, garbage out. When I bought my Volvo it had a clean CarFax. When I traded it in, an accident magically appeared on the report from before I owned the car.

About the only thing that company is good for is the cute stuffed foxes they hand out to dealers.
I use autocheck. Not perfect but has a pretty good system. Helps me identify all of the auction bought CPO cars out there being sold by dealers. Then I can focus on the cars that never went to auction and were purchased and returned on lease to a single dealership. Then that dealer will have the service records on the car.

works great.
if you pay cash and use the "corner" body shop it won't show up in a carfax.

sorry, nothing wrong with running a car fax for someone else, just don't post it ONLINE, be discreet and email it back or pm it.

FYI: I have run quite a few when I had my a/c for a year and asked for the same.
Carfax isn't much, only shows what's been reported. My dad has done autobody for 25 years, and he used to work for Sterling Auto Body (very large chain) and they didn't report anything to Carfax. Neither does the current GM dealer he works for.
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