Dodge 3.0 timming marks ?

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Aug 28, 2011
Had to replace the timming belt on 3.0 Dodge Caravan. I can't get the marks to align perfect. Crank is set TDC and cam mark correct for #1 but cam #2 (the one that moves when belt tension is adjusted) is about 1/16 in. off. Moving the belt over a cog throws it off even more. I can get #2 correct but then #1 is off about 1/16 in. Do these marks need to be exact ? Is the engine so worn (180,000 mi.) that it doesn't matter ? Also what is the correct tension setting (how much play in belt) ? Thanks.
I made the mistake when i did my old dohc mazda v6 timing belt of not getting the one perfect. Put it all back together and it ran horrible. Mine too moved the marks when the tensioner was let go. Mine as well had two marks on each gear. I just took it all apart and did it again and they lined up perfect with the added patience and it worked fine after that. Patience grasshopper. and of course the right marks will help out.
Thanks, don't know if possible because there's more than 1/16 between belt cogs and if I loosen tension to rotate it correct then #1 rolls advance.... I'm replacing belt cuz water pump went out. Before I took belt off I rotated crank to align marks and everything was ok except #1 was way off...1/4 in. or more, what I have now is better than before.
Sounds right, sure wasn't going to happen with belt and tension tired If this van makes 1 more winter I'll be happy. Thanks
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