Do you always, usually, or rarely torque bolts to spec?

I can probably count on 5 fingers the things I torque to spec: transmission pans, diff covers, control arms with bushings under load, wheel lugs, SOMETIMES ball joint castle nuts but most stuff I take the spec into consideration and give my best guess. Example most axle nuts have high torque requirements like 150+ ft lbs or more. In those cases I just tighten the heck out of it. If it's something midrange like a control arm castle nut spec'd at 70ft lbs I'll make it tight but not go crazy. I'm more likely to torque to spec on low tq spec'd bolts especially if fluid is involved (like the diff covers, transmission pans, mechanical water pumps etc).
I try to torque most things, as a home gamer/hobbyist like most on here, I'm not trying to beat the clock and I have the tools so why wouldn't I? Unless you're trying to beat flag time, and even then I question how much time you're actually saving, I view not torquing to spec as pure laziness.