Do different states have different blends?

Jan 2, 2020
South Carolina
On my way to work today was listening to financial podcast. They were talking about inflation, of course, and cost difference on daily consumables. They mentioned a price of gas and that every state has their own fees and taxes associated with it. Duh, not the news to anybody. But recently I have moved from Washington state to South Carolina and one of the things I noticed right away is the price of gas. Gas was at least $2 cheaper in SC than in WA.
But another point they mentioned, specifically different between West coast and East coast, is that states like CA, WA and HI "order" different formulation of gas than dirty south, you know more planet friendly, and Gretta approved gas on west coast. I have never thought of that and was total news to me this morning. Is there really that much difference in fuel formulation? Sure, they might bump up their ethanol usage on west coast (15% vs 5%) but additives also?
Does it really add that much cost to the fuel?
california and some other states use "reformulated" gasoline. it costs more but i think it has less harmful vapors or something so many states have to use it