Discount Tire Apology and Extra Rebate

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Sep 18, 2012
I got an envelope in the mail today from DT and felt the card inside. I figured they made a mistake and sent me a second rebate. I qualified for the $100 rebate after buying a set of Yokohamas over the Thanksgiving holiday. It took a good while to receive it, but I am not sure that it took longer than the eight weeks indicated in the fine print. The card I received today came with a letter. Here is the pertinent exerpt. "It has come to our attention that a recent processing problem resulted in your rebate payment being delayed. At Discount Tire, we truly value your business and we want to extend our sincerest apologies to you for this. We are enclosing this additional $20 Visa Reward Card as a way of thanking you for your patience." Wow. Unexpected and actually classy. Who would've thought?
I have always had excellent customer service and some of the best deals on tires from Discount Tire Direct, usually on eBay. $100 off set of 4 plus rebates usually nets a price that beats all.
I wonder if I will get one.. my last rebate was delayed an extra 3-4 weeks.. past the processing time. They did send me an email and letter apologizing for the delay.
I bought some ching chong Sentury tires from them. Had a defect tire pop its bead while mounting (very weird). They rushed out a replacement asap. As far as Im concerned they are a awesome company to deal with.
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we truly value your business and we want to extend our sincerest apologies to you for this. We are enclosing this additional $20 Visa Reward Card as a way of thanking you for your patience." Wow. Unexpected and actually classy. Who would've thought?
This is very, very, very, VERY RARE in just about any business.
I recently took advantage of the President's Day sale (on the last day at 9pm) to score the $25 DTD rebate and the $60 rebate for using my DT credit card. I never received the credit card after my first purchase a year ago, so called the card processor and got the runaround for half an hour and was no closer to using my account to buy tires. So I just bought them and paid with my Discover (cash back bonus) and gave DTD a call. I explained the situation to James and he immediately apologized for the card trouble and gave me an instant $60 off of my order. I know they have great customer service, but even this surprised me. If my friend can't mount and balance them for me (automotive instructor at a tech college) then I will take them to my local DT store. They've been rotating and balancing my current set of tires even though I did not purchase from them. When it's all said and done, I will have a set of Milestar 225/55R17 tires for $150 out of pocket.
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I don't think Discount Tire or Kauffman offers a real value anymore. DT used to beat any tire price by $5 per tire just by asking. They both offer installation and balancing, free rotate and balance for the life of the tire. DT doesn't do ANY service work. No alignments, no replacing or adjusting suspension components, etc. Kauffman does Alignments, LOF, other maintenance work (I'd never use them for LOF, flushes, etc.) I have gotten alignments from them many times in the past, but I think I'm done. Kauffman clearly hires the cheapest people they can find and it shows in their service work. I'm tired of wasting my time with them trying to get proper alignments. I don't care what their computer says with their red and green lights. I have found that locally-owned tire stores that also perform service work (alignments, LOF, etc) will match or beat large chain tire stores for pricing on the same tires. I will say that the last set of tires I bought was at Kauffman and I did so because they run these silly local sports-related promotions. If an Atlanta-based pro sports team does something magical, the day after Kauffman offers about $125-140 off a set of tires. It's only good the day after, so you have to buy that day. $140 off a set of $1200 tires paid the tax on them and put a little back in my pocket.
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...Wow. Unexpected and actually classy. Who would've thought?
Since you asked, me. I've had nothing but excellent service from DT. Only place I've purchased tires since 2004 when they first came to the area. They will match or beat any price including online. And service after the sale, including rotation, balance, tread wear warranty, and RMA puncture repair (free to anyone) best I've experienced. And since subject broached, I like that they are a 'dedicated' tire sales and installation shop. I look at it as doing/focusing on one thing and doing it well. Going above and beyond SOP with DT 'IME'.
Just had my first experience with them buying a set of Cinturato P7 All Season Plus for the BMW. They were really pleasant to deal with and price matched a site which I didn't think they'd consider legitimate resulting in a hefty discount. I will be using them again.
I just got back from getting new tires installed at a Discount Tire store. Overall, the experience was relatively painless. I really appreciated the fact that I could tell before I got there what they had in stock and could be installed right away. As you may know, I worked for a major tire manufacturer and knew Discount Tire from the other end - and they have always been good to work with. While I don't always agree with some of the things they have done, I think their attitude towards customers is exemplary.
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