Dino Oil Engine With Fram filter!

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Aug 21, 2008
ON, Canada eh?
I thought I would post some pics of a 2.5 Litre 4 Cylinder Chrysler engine from a '94 Dodge Spirit that had over 200K KM on it (120K+ Miles).

It got nothing but the cheapest dino available and a Fram filter pretty much it's whole life. 10K KM (6K Mile) OCI's

We had to do a head gasket and I snapped some pics while it was a part.











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Hence the danger in adopting old wives tales, and 'religion' when it comes to doing car maintenance.

Filter was probably changed twice as often as truly necessary. Very likely, in its rebuilt incarnation, an excellent candidate for 20k OCI's with XD-3 0W-30.
Some parts of the engine have a thin layer of varnish. Its probably the cheap oils and 6K OCIs. Do you know if the "cheap oils" were SM rated?
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I don't know... I was just told that the car had seen 10K KM (6K Mile) OCI's with whatever was the cheapest oil and a Fram filter.

Most likely Canadian Tire Supreme or Autolab. Both of which I believe are made by SOPUS for them to their specification. Can't confirm this though...

Also the car is a '94 so it most likely saw other things other than SM rated oils as the car is 15 years old and it sat for 1 year at one point.
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I was not aware Quiznos did engine work....

My dad is a mechanic and I do this on the side with him. He is only working on friends/family cars.
Clean, but how much wear on the cam lobes? Any routine oil change will keep an engine clean... but long term metal wear is what counts the most if you plan on keeping something forever.
This engine has no problem with performance, has no oil consumption and passes the emissions test aside from needing a head gasket it's in excellent mechanical shape for 238K KM (over 120K Miles)

The lobes are like new aside from the varnish, there is no scoring, pitting or wear according to the measurements.

We checked this while we were in there to see if it was worth doing a HG on.

The bottom end is clean as well, as we did the Oil pan gasket, but I didn't snap pictures of that as my hands were very dirty and didn't want to touch my Blackberry.
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See? Your cheap oil and filters blew a head gasket!

(Obviously just kidding)

Ding...Ding...Ding... You won! I knew someone was going to post something like that.

Fram must of caused the head-gasket problem...
Looks great!
The nay-sayers don't have a leg to stand on.

I wonder how much time and money we all waste over-doing other aspects of our lives.
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