Difficult grease fitting

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Jul 15, 2006
Magnolia, TX
I have a 2000 Tundra 4X4 that has 8 grease fittings on the propeller/drive shaft. With a little maneuvering, all of the fittings are easy to grease with a standard grease gun coupler except for one. The furthest aft u-joint is aftermarket replacement and just doesn't have enough space to to couple with the zerc fitting properly. I can get grease all over the place, except into the u-joint through the fitting. So far I've tried needle nose and most recently an expensive Lincoln 5855 coupler with no joy...same problem. The fitting is perfectly clean, and the little ball valve on the zerc fitting seems to work fine. An internet search turned up a guy that ground down a standard coupler until it fit, but I'd like to just find a coupler that would fit without the grinding and work properly. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.
Have you had a second person hold the gun while you fiddle with the coupler. Sometimes it takes just the slightest change in angle and it will go. Keep wiping all the spilled grease so you can see when it works. I had one on a Case finish mower and it took some fooling to get it greased. If the vehicle or axle were lifted would that change the angle of the driveshaft and make it easier? How about if the grease fitting were it the top or bottom (I assume it rotates with the driveshaft) or sides would that help?
Lifting the truck has no effect. The zerc is fixed between the two sides of the "U". There just isn't enough room for the coupler to attach for a good fit. If the coupler was just a little bit skinnier, it would be good to go. I'm not sure how the zerk zapper will help, since the fitting is not clogged.
Consider yourself lucky, I have a 4 wheel drive Dodge and those morons have a needle grease fitting for the front drive shaft, that you have to jack the front end off the ground to turn the drive shaft to even be able to "barely" see it, you have to go jedi to grease it and then you cant even see where it comes out, until it really comes out so then a mess insues. I hate needle grease fitting and its in a crazy location. I am convinced they put that there knowing no one would grease it and then they could deny warranty.
alot of needle greasers must be held real tight but not straight on because the ball won't move enough and the tip just seals on the ball. I have a gun with this tip mounted on the hose just for these and most of the time just tilt alittle and push and the grease will roll in. You will even feel the tip move in when tilted just a hair.
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