Difference between these Napa batteries?

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Apr 8, 2006
Birmingham, AL
I'm looking at two Napa batteries, but I can't quite figure out the actual construction difference aside from the obvious warranty difference. Napa Legend 7559 (75 month warranty, group 59 size) CCA: 590 CA: 700 Weight: 37 lbs. http://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?R=NBP7559_0398897352 Napa Legend Premium 8458 (84 month warranty, group 58 size) CCA: 580 CA: 725 Weight: 28lbs. http://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?R=NBP8458_0398897353 They are different group sizes, but the dimensions are very close. I can't see where the nearly 10 lb. weight difference comes from. Both are normal lead acid batteries. I believe both are JCI batteries, as Napa carries Optima too. I'm kind of leaning towards the 8458, but the 7559 has better availability. Any thoughts on the weight difference?
The 7559 has 100 minutes reserve capacity. The 8458 has 85 minutes reserve capacity. What is the battery going in? I worked at NAPA for ten years. Many times on phone with the tech people, on batteries when in doubt go with highest rated RC, which in this case is the 7559. The weight difference is the amount/thickness of plates.
If the information is true, then the internals must be different. I assume the plates are different. On a side note, I highly recommend NAPA Legend Premium batteries. I've had great luck with them for many years.
I'm shopping for my 2002 Ranger 3.0. Not a very demanding electrical system at all, but the 5 year old Wal-Mart EverStart seemed to crank the truck a little slow the other morning, so I'm seeing what's available. Thanks for the tip. Leaning more towards the 7559 based on that.
Go with the one with the better warranty. I dont think those have a 3 year warranty? Get a battery with "at least" a 3 year warranty. Assuming the same warranty get the one with the highest reserve capacity. Don't forget to check out the Advance Auto gold batteries than can be purchased with online coupon code ($40-$50 off)
Interesting about the weight difference. Autozone has always given me the group 58. A month ago found out the truck calls for a 59. (The 58 is an alternate) Regardless, the factory 59 and the three or 4 group 58's Autozone golds only last me a bit over 3 years. Not sure if there is much of a difference in real world driving. I know the 59 is taller (I compared to someone elses Ranger)
do you have AAP nearby? they have 50$ off 100$ right now. just got a group 90 autocraft gold for a 2008 G6 86.99$ autozone was 142+tax for your application AutoCraft Gold Battery, Group Size 59, 590 CCA 117.99 would be 68+tax after coupon. rc=100m 33lb AutoCraft Gold Battery, Group Size 58, 610 CCA 133$ or 83+tax RC=90m 30lb
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If Napa can't beat that price, I may go to Advance. Thanks for the heads up. I usually check Napa first because I have an account with them, so I get a discount + free delivery (at work).
Ended up with the 7559. Truck cranked slow again this morning, so I put it on the charger/tester at work and it said "replace battery." It didn't give me the CCA for the battery...just three dashes on the printout. If it's slow tomorrow, I might test it out of the truck before I give it to Napa. The Wal-Mart EverStart 58-3N made it 5 years, which I think is decent for a fairly cheap battery. I have often played the radio with the truck off, and it never failed to start the truck, it just cranked slow. Fires off right away with the new, larger Napa battery. 59 is the OE group size.
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