Difference between PCL and CLP?

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May 26, 2003
Central Coast, Calif.
I bought some Break Free PCL and it seems to be the same as their CLP except the can is a different color and the letters are in a different order. it even has the same strong odor.

anyone have a knowledge of this product.
the breakfree website lists pcl as industrial strength.
they have some msds and product sheets on their website. I haven't read them in depth yet, but I'm sort of doing my own little study in the firearms section on gun lubes. I get a chance, if i find any worthwhile info, I will post it in there. I'll look up PCL along with CLP.

PCL msds says ptfe powder under decomposition byproducts, unlike CLP, so that would me to believe they added ptfe to this product.
Breakfree does contain PTFE, it states it on the bottle.

The MSDS for the oil does not mention PTFE in the decomposition products, but it does state it on the aerosol MSDS.

Breakfree CLP MSDS list

I have been TOLD that PCL is just a thicker version of CLP, but I have not verified that as BF is not a particular interest to me. Send their tech department an E-mail. Don Yoder (formulator) answered my question within a day.
A pic of the bottle:

Pic courtesy of QUIB on AR15.com.
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