Diesel Rated Oil vs. Auto Rated Oil. Differences?

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Jul 14, 2012
Bucks County, PA
Want to run SAE 30 (straight) in my 14 HP garden tractor. If it's rated for diesel and not for gasoline, is it good enough? I was under the impression that the diesel oil is a more pedigreed product than oil rated for use in gasoline engine. Am I on the right track, or no clue what I'm talking about? I'll take all the info you guys can pump out. Thanks.
I wouldn't call it "more pedigreed" at all. Modern gasoline engine oils are made to very exacting standards. But HD engine oil (what you call "diesel" engine oil)is typically good for outdoor power equipment, because its made to handle a particulate contamination load, high temperatures, and has a strong detergent package.
More robust product. You could say that the diesel engine oil (HDEO heavy duty engine oils) are "tougher." The ingredients that make them tough also poison parts of a car's emission system and can cause other long term damage, so they aren't better than the specified oil. Yes, excellent for small engines, unless the engine maker specifies something else.
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