Dielectric grease on each coil electrical connector?


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Oct 17, 2014
SW Ontario Canada
I watched a nice YT video on replacement of sparkplugs on a 2016 QX60, the mechanic was very thorough and I noticed that in addition to putting a dap of dielectric grease on the inside of each sparkplug boot, he also smeared the female end of each coil electrical connector with same. I've not seen this done before, the guy is in Alberta but I doubt the coils get very wet in service.

What do you think? is this good practice or just overkill?

Thanks for your insights.
Jun 12, 2004
Athens, GA
Won't hurt a thing. People get all up in arms about putting it on an electrical connector since it is 'dielectric grease' and an insulator.

It doesn't hinder the connection and will keep water out and off of the connectors. It is my understanding that the 'special sauce', so to speak, is that if there is an arc for some reason or another, it will not form a carbon track and make things worse.

Of course, this will be debated to death, just like anti-seize on spark plugs.