Did some research last evening and-

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Jun 6, 2003
Petersburg, West Virginia
I was browsing through the conoco phillips web site and learned that they formulate Mazda synthetic motor oil and also produce some of the John Deere motor oil. What was most shocking was that the group lll oils they refine are not made in the old U.S. but in South Korea
This group 3 product would go into the mazda synthetic oil and the motorcraft synthetic oil and their own synthetic oil. I am sure thy sell this base stock also. Kind of a shame they have producton in other countries- but I guess that is how most all companies tend to keep costs lower.
ConocoPhillips is one of the major U.S. producers of PAO for base oil. They share ownership with ChevronTexaco in Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., but neither company makes PAO motor oils, to the best of my knowledge.

"Extreme temperatures, longer service life, increased drain intervals and higher fuel efficiency place significant demands on lubricants, greases and fluids. Synfluid® PAOs are designed to meet both conventional and extreme performance requirements in a variety of applications. They outperform conventional oils and other synthetic oils, and are an ideal base for product differentiation in custom blends to satisfy specific market niches."

ConocoPhillips doesn't make the Group III base oil from Korea, they just have a deal to market it in the U.S. for S-Oil Corp. of Onsan, Korea.


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Al, very wise man !

Problem is the bean counters only look at the next quarterly report as the guide.Hopeing that no one catches them before they can bail with that greed parachute.

We are a nation of services. Its gonna get us

We're not even that now. Call centers, computer programming and information technology services, and now I hear bookkeeping, accounting and other financial services are being offshored to places like India. We are now just a nation of consumers. But how does that work when there are no jobs?, I guess we all just keep spending on credit. Might explain some of this "jobless recovery" we are having.
Terry, I think it's more than just the "bean counters". Although they are guilty as charged. We are now paying the price for the many absurd regulations forced down business's throats by the Feds and even more so by the States and even Local governments. All level of government have become an ever growing monster that perpetuates itself and justifies it's ever growing size by harassing busines till it moves! I lived in NJ(NO jokes now!
) for 50 years and have seen manufacturing business chased from the state. Sure our air is really clean now but all those good jobs are gone also. As they say "pick your poison"

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