Castrol Vecton 80k miles or 1000 engine hours

Nov 19, 2023

In between topics here so apologies if i posted in the wrong forum, but I casually was browsing amazon, and saw this in my recs. I dont usually use Diesel oil, but the product specifications caught my attention. Yes this is for heavy duty off highway machines but is the claimed stats about lasting 80k miles or 1000 engine on hours really true or pure marketing/hopium?

Also how are they achieving this being a part synthetic? I thought only true synthetics were able to go the long haul.

Lastly as a bitoger, whats stopping a car guy using this in their normal gasoline motors, besides cat issues?
I changed my diesels every 400 to 500 hours with no issues. My cousin lost 2 engines because of extended drains.

80,000mi or 1000hrs(which you should reach first as who averages 80mph for all runtime on a diesel), but only if you use their oil analysis program.