Dexron backwards compatibility?

Feb 6, 2021
I have a 09G automatic in my 2.5, i changed to atf just yesterday,

I used german specified TW-S from blauparts,

Can I use Dexron VI next time?

Its an Aisin transmission thats tiptronic.
And just to be clear, there is no formal "backwards compatibility" for the use of DEXRON-VI instead of T-WS licensed fluid, right? The two are not connected. DEXRON-VI is backwards compatible for DEXRON-III applications (except for the weird manual transmission thing) but these are within the same licensing entity whereas T-WS is not.
Dexron VI and Toyota-WS are quite similar as they're both newer generation low viscosity ATF's. Toyota ATF's have traditionally been very similar to the corresponding Dexron ATF to the point that the earlier T-IV (and earlier) where based on Dexron formula's. While Dexron VI is technically not recommended for T-WS applications, Aisin automatics are not picky and folks on here have used Dexron VI in place of T-WS with no issues.