Detailed [almost] the whole fleet - Turtle Wax Ice Seal & Shine

Mar 2, 2004
Had time to detail three of the four vehicles over two weekends. Beware, picture heavy post!

I used Blue Coral wax & shine cleaner stuff for wash, dried, and then applied Turtle Wax Ice Seal & Shine. I've never used the Seal & Shine product before, lately I've been using their Hybrid Solutions Ceramic spray coating. I didn't clay bar with this detail, I usually only do it once a year or so.

The Hybrid Solutions Ceramic (please, Turtle Wax, invent some acronyms for these products) I've been very impressed with. I get at least 6-8 weeks of decent water beading on vehicles that aren't garaged, and usually a few months if the vehicle is garaged. My only gripe with the product is that it streaks badly unless you have perfect conditions like a cool day in the shade with flawless/unused microfiber towels, the former being nearly impossible to come across in the middle of July where I live. I've found that a few rain showers will make the streaks disappear, so I don't mind the streaks so much as my vehicles are hardly show vehicles-- it's the protection I'm after.

The Ice Seal & Shine applied similarly with less streaks (and a better shine), but streaks are still very noticeable especially on the hood even though I applied it on an unusually cool day. The Sedona minivan in the pictures was detailed over fourth of July weekend-- since then we've had several rain showers, and the finish looks just as good as the day I detailed it (perhaps better as the streaks are gone now), so that's impressive for an easy to use spray wax. The water beads up perfectly, and if I touch a water droplet, it slides down the vehicle and simply disappears. Impressed so far, but I'm curious as to it's staying power and how well it compares with Hybrid Solutions Ceramic in that regard.

For interior I did a thorough vacuum and used Mothers Protectant which is my first time using that product. It's provides a rich shine without a heavy oily residue afterwards; will probably be my go-to interior detailer from here on out. The overspray also cleans well off glass and other surfaces you happen to get it onto. In the past I've used Meguires supreme shine or natural shine(?), but the former leaves a thick residue that attracts dust, and the latter doesn't give enough shine IMO.

I used Blue Magic Leather Care Gel (a spray product) on the leather seats.

Vehicles pictured are my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica, 2015 Kia Sedona & 1996 Nissan Maxima.










How well do you like the Blue Magic leather conditioner? I've never tried it but have always wondered about it.
The product I used is their leather care gel. I'm not sure how it compares to their '850 Leather Cream Conditioner'. But the gel product, I actually like it a lot. Very easy to apply. To call it a gel would be a bit of an exaggeration, but it's plenty thick for a product in a spray bottle, so it holds well on vertical surfaces without running all over the place. Leaves a rich finish without any sticky/oily residue is what I like best about it. I can spray it on and just rub it in, in most cases without any secondary cleanup. If the towel I'm used is starting to get saturated, I might have to give a second wipe with a clean towel. I find it lasts several months before I need to reapply, which is pretty good compared to other leather care products I've used.

Any overspray onto nearby plastic/vinyl surfaces wipes right off without leaving any streaks. I also like the smell of the product, I can't find the words to describe the smell (leathery?), but it's a clean smell without being overwhelming.

They look good! Don't forget your Apple Watch on the floor mat!
Ha, watches & car detailing and/or mechanic work don't get along! The fact that it ended up in the photo probably saved me 30 minutes of searching the house trying to remember where I put it. :D
How well do you like the Blue Magic leather conditioner? I've never tried it but have always wondered about it.
I tried their cleaner conditioner product and liked it. Would buy again even though I like trying new products. Reasonable price with good performance. The Matrix that was recently traded in didn’t have leather but had leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter. Which is why I got it.