Defective / Torn Oil Filter - Champ PH2801 6k miles

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Secondary failure - looking at the pics. The check valve is LITERALLY right in front of the bypass valve. Get that oil up to operating temp, and that rubber is nice & pliable, meaning those little "feet" on the back of the check valve would not have much rigidity to prevent the CV from blanketing the PRV holes. Partially or fully-blocked PRV could result in spike in pressure delta across the filter which could result in a "collapse" event.
I'm in with Zee, your theory is fake news. The feet plus the design of the ADBV prevent this. Remember that once the engine is running, both sides of the ADBV are at essentially the same pressure so PSID=~0, and the amount of flow will determine how much the ADBV is "lifted" from the inlet holes. Since overall filter flow is limited by the exit diameter, and no normal engine can pump more oil than this hole can handle, you're never going to be able to generate the kind of force needed to collapse the ADBV backwards, let alone seal it off completely long enough to block flow. My interpretation may not be entirely correct with respect to physics, but its surely closer than the idea that the ADBV can block the PRV. Don't you think that's been tested, since this design is used by multiple filter manufacturers?
Fake news my foot! It's simply a theory, guys. Sheesh -- lighten up! Sure there are feet on that check valve, but rubber gets nice and pliable at 300degF.
Oil doesn't run at 300 deg F on normal street cars … more like 200-220 deg F. The rubber will of course be "softer", but those stand-off feet on the back of the ADBV are not going to disappear and allow the ADBV to seal off the inlet holes to the bypass valve.
Even "IF" the "feet" on the Champ Labs adbv weren't there and/or not functioning as designed, the very best information posted this subforum for many years says bypass events are extremely rare and when they do occur very brief in duration. Jim Allen tested that "real theory" out and proved true in his testing. Apparently the bitog powers that be thought it such a valid and reliable test, his test thread got pinned to the top of this subforum for a long time. Getting anything pinned here, rare indeed. So even if the bogus, bypass blocked assertion held an ounce of truth, highly improbable it would have been responsible for topic filter result. That said, seeing as "if' is not true, and the long time Champ Labs thread end bypass and adbv design functions perfectly as designed, it's a moot point anyway. I trust Champ Labs far more than some random unsubstantiated claim. Once again here's where Occam's Razor applies, the simplest answer is most often correct. As correctly Identified by the majority, the wide pleat space area(s) where anecdotal tears most often seen this subforum, including the topic filter, is the most likely cause.
Yeah … in one of the "deeper" threads getting into dP and pressure x area = force stuff … I mentioned a sail effect and a wide pleat will suffer from direction of flow along with lack of structural integrity. A proper pleat will see diametrically opposed flow of near equal proportions with internal convergence … and has geometric strength potential