Dealer Oil / 0W-20 / 5200 miles / 2018 Silverado

Danville, Indiana
Sorry, but I love Project Farm, but it is entertainment. He used some kind of powder, and while it did let a lot more in, I'm not convinced it is a parallel representation of real world dust and filtration because real world dust varies in size and could change filtration efficiency as it builds up in the filter. Also, I wonder if the powder he used might overload and max out the oil in the filter quicker. I'm no K&N fan, but I just am not sure PF gives it a fair shake. He also uses a bearing test in the oil tests that looks exactly like the one Slick 50 used in their snake-oil advertising years ago, before they got busted by the Feds for their claims. Again, I don't think that's a good real world simulation for what motor oil is designed to do. I think it would be more suitable for gear oil. I think OP's use of K&N doesn't appear to be causing trouble in the data. My Jeep runs a Wix filter in the stock intake and sees 10-12 on the silicon, so I don't think 17 is a crazy amount higher than that. It just depends on where you are going. I'll stick with paper and stock, due to occasional off-roading but I saw a friend's Saab 9-4 with over 300k on it and he ran a K&N the entire time. My closest friend has a 2012 Jeep with a Pentastar and it has had a K&N most of its life, too, and he runs off road with me. It'll be interesting to see how long it runs. He doesn't do UOA's, btw, so we'll just have to see how it runs. So far, so good. I don't think he's very good about keeping with the cleaning/oiling schedule, either. I'd run a stock thermostat for a run just to see what it does. It might help burn off some of that fuel dilution. Overall, though, the original UOA looked pretty good.
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You havent went WOT in years??? How boring
WOT runs are benefitual if done occasionally.
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