Damaged Shipment- Large Heavy Item

Birmingham, Alabama
So I ordered a large heavy item the 1st week of November. (600lbs). Shipping company called to schedule a delivery date and we set one up for last Tuesday. Well, the shipment didn’t arrive and I didn’t not receive a call or anything. The whole time I can run the tracking number and it shows it’s on the loading/ shipping dock for 2 weeks prior to this date then all of sudden it’s not.

I get a call the next day from the shipping company asking to set up a delivery date and I explain that they already missed their scheduled date but I would set up another day and time for today. I get a the standard story of it’s not here, it’s backordered and we are busy. I get it.

So today the delivery shows. I help the driver unload it and wheel it into my basement. The driver leaves and I start unboxing and notice the damage. It appears that the item was hit with a forklift. The paint is cracked and the damage is around the seal on the door.
I contacted the big box store I ordered it from and sent pictures. They offered to refund part of my money but we were too far apart on the $. Needless to say a refund has been requested and the shipping company will be coordinating a return trip to pick it up.

Just wanting to vent. This was an expensive item and I had a gut feeling that when it arrived it would be damaged because all of the issues.


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Some shipping companies place unreasonable productivity demands on the forklift and other warehouse workers. This leads to more freight damage. I WILL NOT name names. I would dare the CEO to come in as an undercover boss and try to make it past the first week.