cutting up a dirty tree/log

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Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
I am preparing to re-do my dirt drive with a couple of loads of item 4. I saw what I thought was a 3' log buried in the drive but starting to show. I dug a little on one end and tried to wedge it out with the shovel. No go. Came back with my Bobcat and lifted it but it was a 20' log. So now I have this 20' log next to my drive and its in he way and may prevent water running off the driveway which is key to not getting potholes. Do I just brush it off with a broom and assume I will dull my chain saw blade?
pressure wash it. Should be able to blast it clean. or just eat the small cost of the chain. sure cheaper than getting a disposal company to remove it.
Find any convenient garden tool and strip the bark off the places where you want to cut. In all the time I ever spent in the woods with my dad as a kid, I'd say 75% of the use that his axe saw was in my hands cleaning dirty bark off of logs.
pressure washing seems like a decent idea, except that you would be cutting wet wood. How decomposed is the log? You may be able to just hit it with a maul and break it up.
Just brush it off and cut it. I like to use the top of the bar for dirty cuts to sling off dirt away from the saw, but it probably doesn't matter much. I use my khrappy saw for jobs like this and a few minutes with the file has the chain back to where it was.
Can you drag it back into the woods? Trees fall and die all the time in the wood and no one cuts them up with a chainsaw for disposal.
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