CRC intake valve cleaner

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Jan 11, 2008
I was glad to see an over the counter intake valve cleaner. I tried this on my 12' Focus. The directions say to keep engine at 2500 rpm and spray built in straw cleaner into the throttle body past the mass airflow. Specifies that mass airflow could be damaged. with intake boot off car would not maintain any rpm steadily let alone get up to 2k . It would sometimes flash above or bog down. So called CRC . Tech said to try with boot in place. This would put the straw right at the mass airflow wire. So I did short bursts , Then started, For fear of hydro lock.Seems to have worked . Car runs better and blew out an huge smoke cloud when taken out on the road after the hour soak waiting period. Wasn't having any driving issues before. But figured there might have been a gradual performance decrease not perceptible. Anyone else use this product?
I have not seen it yet but you can also spray into a vacuum line as well to clean the intake valves.

Carb cleaner will clean the throttle body as well but curious to see how well this product works. Has a unique ingredient list.
I hear bad things about using these type of cleaners you spray into the Intake. The Cat Converter does like it one bit. It is something you would not want to do often from my understanding.

Seafoam makes a product for the very same thing. What I like about it is that it comes with a very long "straw" that includes a "hook." You determine the length of straw you need and then, with the hook, you place it over the throttle body and reinstall the boot and clamp it snugly in place.

What I like about this set up is:

1: The straw easily goes past the MAF sensor.

2: There's no chance of loosing the straw into the intake while the motor is running.

3: You reinstall the intake boot so no debris gets sucked into the intake.

Here is the product:
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I used it on my 2012 Equinox 2.4. The engine had a skip on cold starts. I used as directed except, I drilled small hole in the big plastic air cleaner duct, inserted the straw there downstream of the MAF. Used small screw to plug hole. After letting it sit, backed out of driveway, stumbled and coughed. Had to ease into throttle, finally got going and give it some gas, huge dark gray cloud comes out. Motorcycle was behind me....sorry to him. For sure helped out. No more skip at cold start up and is snappier. I will use it again when engine starts acting funny. It worked for me!!!
Another trick is to disconnect MAF wiring and remove the MAF from the intake air path. Now you will get the check engine light for disconnected MAF but the car will run OK and you will be able to maintain 2500 RPM idle by pressing the gas pedal.
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