Crap, my local AZ only had one quart of GC on the shelf.

The only AZ in Our Fair City that stocks GC only had one quart of gold GC on the shelf -- and about two dozen quarts of made-in-America Syntec 0w30. Will some of you guys buy the N.Amer. stuff so they'll restock with GC? No one around here seems to want the stuff.


So Cal
Try this. The American 0w30 must be more than 3 years old. Easy to tell by looking at the batch number printed in tiny white alpha-numerical charachters on the bottom of the bottle. The first two digits stand for the year of production. M02125XXXXXXX - would mean made in 2002. Tell the store clerks that your are not going to buy an oil that is so old. Ask them to order a new batch and send the old stock back to the distribution center. They might do just that... [ October 15, 2005, 03:46 PM: Message edited by: vad ]