CQuartz UK on 2014 Odyssey

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Dec 14, 2002
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After washing the Odyssey a few weeks ago, I realized that the van is expansively huge compared to any cars Ive ever owned, and so keeping up the paint would be a major hassle. Meanwhile it seems that Hondas have soft paint, and its a relatively rich and dark color, Obsidian Blue Metallic.

So after much debating and research, I decided to go with CQuartz UK. Many thanks to The Critic, BTW, for guidance. My logic was that the combined system of CQuartz, Reload, Reset, HydrO2, and HydroFoam make for a capability to easily and straightforwardly top the protection applied, and the coating itself is a very long lasting item. The van sits outside all the time, so protection is key.

I have been a zaino user for a long time, and have nothing bad to say about it. The system of applying Zaino and then topping with Z-CS was a very good, useful and beneficial system. However it appears to me that the CQuartz system yields a bit stronger and longer lasting protection. Further, I had to buy something anyway... My zaino sealants were all past their due dates for expiration.

So I set out. Used the Autogeek foam gun with dawn dish soap.


After I washed it with soap, I kept the panels wet and applied Iron-x. I misted each damp panel, agitated slightly with a sponge, and then rinsed fully.

After washing it, both just after using the dawn, as well as after the iron-x, I got a lot of residue on the panels.


There's another thread on that, but my resolution was to wipe each panel with a damp microfiber sponge, and then have my wife right behind drying the panels one by one.

Once washed and dried, because the paint didn't have any substantial dirt embedded in it that I could feel, I went straight to polishing. I used Optimum hyper polish, on a 4" Lake County Green CCS foam pad. I didn't want much cut because there were no visible swirls or major defects that I felt I could reasonably handle, so I really just wanted to go over the surface to get rid of any residues, add a bit of shine, and help prep for CQuartz UK. The results after polishing were great.



I followed this by CarPro Eraser on a microfiber towel to get rid of any oils, and then moved on to the Cquartz UK.

I used four 10x10cm suede applicators, and one suede MF towel to wipe. I also used two Costco MF towels to wipe after the suede for additional removal power. It should be noted that the towels will harden up as the product cures, so they should be discarded and not used for surface finishing again. The total amount of CQuartz UK utilized for the whole van was approximately 20 mL. There's a decent amount left in the 30mL bottle, but not enough that Id be comfortable working on another car unless I had more in reserve.

The product applies easily. Very similar to the Meguiars 365 Paint Protect. What I mean is that it is a transparent liquid that doesn't turn to powder or solidify really, but rather it is a wipe on/wipe off product. I found that applying some product to the applicator yielded enough to cover about 2x2ft on the car, upon which it stopped spreading as well, felt a bit more resistant to spreading, and so Id consistently stop then, and wipe with the suede wiping cloth. If one missed a spot, you could easily tell because these spots would have what Id call for lack of better words a monocolor iradescence. It would be darker than the rest of the area, but have a luster and sheen that was different from the rest of the panel.

After I would complete one full panel in this 2x2 section, wipe, repeat fashion, I would then utilize a Costco MF to wipe the whole panel down. This way I would notionally help prevent high spots, remove unneeded product, and continue spreading uncured product.

In the end, I have to say the paint looks MUCH deeper. The Obsidian Blue was a nice color to begin with, but now it looks a tad darker, much deeper, and like its under a coat of glass.

Remember this was the van brand new from the dealer, the day after we took it home:


Unfortunately it was dark by the time I got it all done, and we then went to dinner. So the best I have as of now are shots of it from the parking lot.








Ill try to get some daytime shots first thing tomorrow AM if I remember. Not likely

But Im quite happy with the look of the product, its depth and gloss, and how much richer it makes the blue paint look in low light like tonight (though the camera renderings aren't as good as in real life!).
I went out this AM to check things out. No signs of high spots or discoloration. The van does look a bit darker, but it is somewhat overcast too...

The sun wasn't meaningfully strong to bring out the colors in the trees, so this doesn't look all that great...


But I always like the ground and side reflection shots...



CRITIC is the detail specialist, it is wise to take his advice/guidance to detail your vehicles.

Some pictures are unreal. The reflections look like direct view, especially the one below. If there is no wheel shown in the picture I may mistook it as a direct picture of the ground, great job.

For the record, already the water is not beading perfectly round, in fact, hardly at all, if at all...

The accord, which also has UK on it, beads dew like this:


And rain like this:


Actually, that rain pic isn't that great, it's often more, smaller, taller beads that literally slide off when driving.

Sure, I only did the accord last weekend, and the odyssey a few before. But it hasn't rained much before the last few days. The odyssey isn't that dirty.

But it isn't beading! Just wet, flat spots!

Maybe there's just too much surface dirt? This stuff shed water spectacularly. I'm just a tad surprised it wasn't beading on any surface tonight when I looked at it in the rain.

Bummer I didn't get any photos, but with all the rain were expecting, I'll have another chance...
Wow, she looks great! I have used a few sealants and have been less than impressed with beading qualities even after a few short weeks. I laid down two coats of Opti Seal recently on my freshly polished Accord, and two weeks later water wasn't beading like it should and the surface was not slick AT ALL. If you can your finger nail across the finish it would just dig in, not glide smoothly across. I remember applying a carnauba to my previous accord and you could lay a penny on the very top of the hood by they wipers, and it would smoothly glide off the hood. Silly I know, but there is a noted difference in the behavior of a carnauba and a sealant. I ended up caving and put a coat of NuFinish over the Opti Seal, because I was disappointed in how it was behaving.
How come you don't clay/nanoskin any of your vehicles? Surely some need it by now, even new cars benefit from it. Just a fine grade nanoskin sponge for $13 would be great.
Originally Posted By: satinsilver
How come you don't clay/nanoskin any of your vehicles? Surely some need it by now, even new cars benefit from it. Just a fine grade nanoskin sponge for $13 would be great.

Because Im not convinced that there is a compelling benefit, frankly.

Two months of daily use and there will be new junk embedded, especially in the hood.

Youre greatly increasing your chances of marring and scratching using any of those techniques more than necessary.

And if Im polishing and wiping down already, that makes it worse.

Id consider it, dont get me wrong. For example, Im going to use CQuartz on my 98 chevy and my 82 Mercedes at some point, and Im sure those paints have a lot more junk on/in them.

But especially for black, the fewer touches, the better.
I've had total loss of beading from dirt before.Came right back after a proper wash.
I am not familiar with several of the products you used - is it possible there was some glaze on the surface?
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