Could i switch to Dyno temporarily?

Pa. America
Hi Guys, i recently posted about chattering sound my Mazda 3s recently developed , i would like to switch to 10w30 Dyno to see if it will make a difference. There is a chattering sound coming from the cam area where the cam sprocket should be this only happen when the car has been driven for a while and the engine is very hot it doesnt happen when the engine is cold as should be expected only when hot. I were using 10w30 M1 since 2004 (its a 2004 car) So i switched to 5-20 as required by and written on the oil spout and the chattering has been reduced by about half, would going to 10w30 dyno temporarily do any damage to the engine being that the engine is not used to Dyno? Thanks , Tundraz PS Bill thanks for the Welcome