Cooper Endeavor & Endeavor Plus

Mar 8, 2012
Just noticed that Cooper released a couple of new tires the Endeavor (Car/Minivan) and Endeavor Plus (SUV/Truck). Our Subaru Legacy needs new tires and I have run CS5's, Evolutions, and True North on some of my other cars so I will definitely be checking out the Endeavors before I pull the trigger on hew tires for the Subaru.

Does anyone have any experience or feedback on the Endeavors?
I just viewed that ad too. I have a set of CS5 (not Ultra) Grand Touring on my Outlander. Very good tires. From the specs on these two new offerings they seem like replacements for the above.
It appears the Endeavor might be one step above the Evolution based on the Cooper website and their performance chart that compares tires to other Cooper tires.

I like the performance characteristics of my Cooper Evolution Tour tires, I just wish the tread wear was a little better, especially for a 65,000 mile rated tire. I am down to 5/32 tread depth on all four tires after only 20,000 miles.