Construction Adhesive or Epoxy for TV Mount?

Aug 7, 2010
Southern Utah
Hello Everybody,

I am looking to install a tv mount onto a shipping container wall. Does anybody know about adhering metal (corten) to hardwood planks? The wood would be adhered to the Corten (paint sanded off to reveal bare metal) and then I would install the TV mount onto the hardwood. The TV is a 55" which would be 48 lbs. Does this sound doable or do you think the TV would eventually come crashing down?

Options would be a construction adhesive like liquid nails or a 2-part epoxy. I could install the hardwood to the walls with lag bolts but I'd prefer not to drill into the container walls. Also, 3M has a line of adhesives. Maybe one of those would work?

You can buy magnet blocks that accept countersunk screws. It'd be pretty nifty to screw them into a piece of plywood and let mother nature hold it in place.
Pretty cool! I didn't know those existed. I do wonder if there enough holding force to withstand the weight of the TV? Some large TVs can weight a lot.
Adhesive will likely fail overtime from the temperature swings and the difference in thermal expansion rates. I would rather through bolt it and never have to worry about it falling.