Too bad the floorplan is not a match for us, unfinished new construction home in Douglas, AZ


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
I like to share homes I find for time to time on BITOG. My Wife and I have moved about every two years over the past 20+ years, and we are in search of our retirement home. Lots of information suggest Douglas may not match well for retired people, but I still track Douglas along with about a dozen other areas west of the Mississippi.

Here is a new construction home on 36 acres in Douglas. The floorplan appears to be very hip/ modern. The floorplan is simply not a match for our more traditional likes. I do like the lot, the fact the well and septic appear installed, and especially like the radiant heating pipes were run through the concrete floor. If the floorplan was a 3 bed/ 2+bath, and a design for drywall walls, I would be on a plane to look. Also, I really like Milgard windows and their lifetime warranty.

This home in Douglas I also liked, my Wife didn't. It went under contract a few days ago.
I'd say that's odd, not hip/modern lol
My Wife FULLY AGREES with you. I used the hip/modern description simply because of the way the architect labeled/ named the living spaces.

I am amazed Zillow provides a "Zestimate" on a home of this nature, I know it is just a garbage automated computer estimate. I assume Zestimate really only works for subdivision type homes. I know Zillow has no way of estimating what this, or any home like it anywhere is worth.
Once you furnish that place it will lose all of its personality. The random stone wall will feel like dorm or prison cinderblocks.
Yes, and I also think the home will be very dark inside, even with the nice Milgard windows.
Wow. Looks like a blank shell and you need to do your own design.
Real definition of "unfinished".

Definitely needs finish work...
some Plaster on the walls, a skylight or 2. maybe some insulation up top (speaking as a man of a certain age, More insulation up top is more better)
and i'm fairly sure I'd want a lighter colored Roof in AZ. or covered in Solar panels. (maybe just me)
The second house screams 1977 regardless of what the build date is.
My Wife concurs with you. She especially had a issue with the round top windows. I like that the home was a ranch and ceilings were above eight feet. Thought to gut the inside and would be a nice home on 40 acres.
I like the second one. You get a lot for your money there. The terrain is completely different, but assuming it was here and on a 1 acre lot, the price would be well over $1 million US, maybe $1.5 million US. It's a nice house.

The first one is quirky in the extreme. It could be hard to sell. I realized some time ago that you whatever your age and stage in life, you always have to think about "would I be able to sell this property" when you're buying. Things change, priorities change, health problems may intervene, etc and you have to (or really want to) sell.
I think the first one could do well as a remote retreat rental if there's some interesting parks or natural features in the area? Not a great retirement home though! There's water coming through the back wall, so it may have a few hidden issues. Some light colored plaster over the cinderblocks inside would look nice.
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