Considering replacement vehicle. Help.

Even though it's small it'll never get dirty with how frequent you change oil :ROFLMAO:
True! I plan on doing 5K / 6 month intervals with TGMO 0w16 / OEM filter. Extending the OCI on my Honda did not work out. When I say extending I only mean 1 year, which with my driving only means around 5-6K miles. Short trips and long OCI's just aren't a recipe for success. The new Toyota (and wifes VW) are going to get babied!
Once upon a time in a Volkswagen…

I liked my 2005 1/2 Jetta w/2.5 and it was a solid car. Acceleration was outstanding for its class, but I have no idea how they are today. There were a few things that bugged me.

1) I’m a hair under 5’8” at 155 pounds (at the time), and ergonomically, the driver seat setting forced me to lean my left knee into the door panel. Overtime, I developed tendinitis.
2) I could never get the alignment right. Despite multiple attempts, it caused premature wear to the inside tread. In fact, I had the same issue with my 2007 Passat.
3) The paint on most of the push buttons peeled off in no time, so that was annoying.

I test drove a newer Jetta a while back, but it just wasn’t for me. I recommend that you take an extended test drive to ensure that the ergonomics works for you. The last VW that I actually loved was the 2013, 2.0 TDI. The only reason I don’t have it today is that I took it advantage of the buyback offer from the emissions diesel-gate scandal.

Good luck on your quest. 🚙
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How much orange peel and dust specks comes with these paint jobs?

Do they truly look good and hold up?
Yes. They look like fine. You can scuff off the paint to the primer but on most 15+ year old vehicles, honestly, it's usually not worth the trouble.

I have probably had over a hundred done over the years. The more damaged the paint and clearcoat, the more you should use a nice thick pearl paint color to make it look better. In some cases, that paint job adds about $2,000 to the sales price on a car that would normally sell for $5,000.

So yes, I definitely recommend it.
Sad to see that Accord go. Last of the double-wishbone suspension, port-fueled K24.

Congrats on the new DD.
I know, they drive much smaller than the size would suggest too. Styling is good also. Great cars after the early model year issues were resolved.
Ine of our cars at work is a new 1.5T Jetta. I like it. Seems tossable in corners. My only concern is that it had a CEL with 400 miles on it. Went away by itself.
Congrats on the new ride. I like that color. I'm not an SUV type either but I didn't have a lot of choice as I'm old now and it's easier to get in and out of the Cadillac. I would have preferred a CT5 for the same money.
I’m headed to Pensacola to buy that cream puff Accord. Just kidding. ;)

Congrats on new Camry.