Chevron 10/30 dino- thickness....10/8 [email protected] come?

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
First of all, thanks to Yannis who got me the link for Chevron's MSDS info.

According to that Chevron 10/30 (dino) has a cSt of 10.8 @ 100 Celsius....
This is not really a very thick oil, is it?
But I know that this is the most respected dino-oil on this site.
How does it protect so well with that thickness?
--Can i use this oil in hot summer?
Pennz.HM 10/30: 12.2 cSt @ 100 C
Mobil Drive clean plus(10/30): 11.4 cSt @ 100 Care these oils better than the Chevron 10/30 dino?

--can I perhaps mix in 1Qt of Chev.10-40 or Delo 15w-40 with 4 qt. of 10/30 to make it thicker?any danger in doing that?

Any opinions from Chevron lovers/others? please?
10.8 puts both Chevron Supreme and Havoline 10W-30 slightly above the middle of the range for 30 weight oils - hardly evidence of an inferior quality oil. I ran Chevron Supreme 10W-30 in my '03 Hyundai V-6 the entire summer with no observable drop in level from "full" according to the dipstick. (~1,500 miles - which included one run to Las Vegas and another to Phoenix in 105+ F. heat, and I ran the A/C full-blast all the way.).

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The Pennzoil High Mileage motor oil and the 10W-30 Drive Clean Plus are designed to be somewhat thicker motor oils then regular 10W-30. The Chevron Supreme 10W-30 is probably as thick as just about any other regular 10W-30.
Mystic just nailed it. Chevron's specs for 10w30 are pretty much the middle of the road for conventional dino 10w30's.

The other oils mentioned, especially the HM, are intended to try to rectify oil consumption issues by being a bit thicker in the same grade.

UOA's pretty consistently show that Chevron Supreme does just fine.

If 'thickness' were everything, Mobil 1 should have been looking terrible for a long time now. Case in point that 'thickness' is not everything.
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