Cheerios : Do they really lower cholesterol ?

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Apr 27, 2010
Mine is over 200 and needs to be lowered . Don't like the idea of popping any pills to bring it down . Also try to remember to take a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a day . Thanks .
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IIRC, it's the increased fiber that helps. If you are not getting enough fiber, increasing your fiber intake can help your cholesterol numbers. But that's not the only diet changes you may need to make.
Once you get over the stigma of seeing people stare and chuckle at you in the check out line when you buy those huge containers of Metamucil, you'll find that one teaspoon a day with water will help lower your cholesterol too.
I'm with java on this one - I understand it's the fiber. There are better ways to increase your fiber intake than packing in a bunch of carbohydrates and sugars that might elevate your risk for diabetes. There's been a lot of published research recently about nuts reducing colon cancer risk. That too is about fiber, so maybe adding 2-3 ounces of nuts to your daily intake is a viable choice. I'm doing it just now because a handful of unsalted cashews tastes way better than just about anything else with that level of fiber.
I take Metamucil daily, and have for more than 20 years. I always have a good cholesterol score, overall and all three of the separate facets included. My overall score averages 170, in spite of the fact trhat I eat a lot of bacon and other fried foods.
Cheerios might help but there are better sources of fiber. Talk to a doctor and/or a nutritionist. Do some reading on the internet, being careful about exaggerated claims.
IMO sticking with natural ingredients in their natural state is optimum for nutrient content & proper digestion function, ie raw fruits, vegetables and nuts are all high in fibre and many other elements the body needs in moderation of course. Processed foods, higher sugar content foods/drinks are where the body is really going to be nutrient deficient.
There are better high fiber cereals than Cheerios. For example, even a mainstream cereal like the Raisin Bran from Kellog's has better ingredients than Cheerios.
If you are keeping fats to a reasonable level. Adding fiber won't (probably) make a huge difference. I eat loads of fiber almost no fat and my cholesterol is still 220. Now my High density is very high and my triglycerides are of the chart low. You are probably or should go on a statin.
Just because your cholesterol is >200 does not mean you have to lower it. Gotta look at HDL/LDL ratios and such. Remember that some doctors wait until the FDA or whoever "bless" something before they recommend it (I understand their wish to avoid lawsuits). I could give you a personal example via PM if you're interested to hear it. If you have other things going on (Diabetes, overweight); significantly lowering carbohydrates can help a lot. Dr. Atkins (Cardiologist) has a lot to say on that subject. My father has taken statins for years and has had a severe leg problem that may be related. His cholesteol now is so low that it falls into a range that some studies say is harmful (more risk of heart attack and brain needs cholesterol. Best of luck. Don't take my diatribe as gospel but I want you to encourage to reasearch for yourself or find a doctor who only likes prescribing drugs as a last resort.
Meh, Cheerios are oat dust and air. Go for rolled oats for fiber. or whole wheat bread , Celery, romaine, cabbage. Black coffee. I am regular as all get out. I pack 3 PBJs made with homemade bread and store brand crunchy peanut butter. And a qt and a half of black coffee. Oh, and a couple bananas too. I nibble my way through my work day. The simpler and less processed stuff is best.
I try to eat unsalted almonds and mixed nuts . Get them on sale at Walgreens for less than $3.00 a can . Also use plain bran flakes and drink plenty of white / green tea . Use milk for those , probably better off w/o the milk since it has cholesterol . My level is 220 if I remember correctly . Thanks for the input .
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I have 2 or 3 slices of center cut bacon and two egg whites every day, with a "everthing" bagel thin or whole wheat English Muffin and my cholesterol last visit was 169. My triglycerides are up a bit and my ratio of good to bad needs a bit of improvement, so my Dr put me on 2000mg of fish oil, and also believes I'm low in Vitamin D, so 5000iu daily for me. On weekends, I'll have whole eggs with that, as a treat. But you can eat bacon and eggs everyday and have reasonable cholesterol numbers. It's the fries and other things like that that will get you. I'd eat bran flakes, not raisin bran as the dried fruit adds a lot of concentrated sugar. If you want to add fruit, cut up some strawberries and add them to the bowl instead of dried fruits.
These days even mainstream MDs are beginning to realize the benefits and effectiveness to some non-traditional treatments for certain things. A few years ago I went to my Doc for a physical and my cholesterol had crept up above 220, she told me to do three things. 1) Start eating oatmeal for breakfast. Not the quick cooking kind, but rather the old-fashioned kind you cook for 10 minutes or so. 2) Start exercising. 3) Start taking a daily Flush-Free Niacin tablet, very well known for raising your HDL number. And now my numbers are stellar. And I feel better to boot beacause I run on a treadmill 4-5 times a week, I'm not winded by climbing a set of stairs like I used to be smile
Reminds me, I need to upload my workout data from my USB stick. I've already been out and have "run" 4+ miles on the cross trainer with my wife at the YMCA this morning. Working out has its benefits for our relationship as well. Let's just say that oilBabe is very pleased with her 46 year old husband and we'll keep it family rated.
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