Checker rebates

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Jan 30, 2006
In order to take advantage of the Checker rebates on oil - can I make all my claims on one form? Or do I have to send in separate forms for every purchase that qualified for a rebate? Anyone know? I can't remember the other members name other then he lives in Utah. I know he buys this rebate oil all the time and I'm starting to see the "wiseness" of his ways.

Reason I'm asking is I have two coupons one for shell and one for valvoline. Would be more economical for me to get the rebate on one stamp instead of two stamps.
I think you have to make all the claims on one form. I remember reading the rebate form carefully and states that one submission per month. This is for Kragen not sure if Checker does it differently, just read every single fine print on there. I think it be more economical to send it in for one envelope since postage would be combined. But if you do decide to mail 2 separate, then you probaly need to use another address for one of them since one submission per household per month. But then if its the case of using 2 stamps for one envelope or 1 for each, I don't know then. Kragen rebates take a long time for them to come back.

So my answer is mail everything in one envelope, do it all in one fell swoop. I don't like keeping track of multiple items.
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