Change Interval on a Low Annual Mileage Seasonal Car


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Jan 11, 2023
I know the manual states an oil change at least every 12 months for my 2002 Corvette Z06. I stopped running Mobil 1 years ago in favor of Pennzoil Ultra which meets the GM specification and seems to allow a somewhat quieter engine following a cold start. With Mobil 1 I'd get a "tick" others have described as the "LS6 Tick" on cold starts from 90 degree oil temperature until the oil temperature hit about 160 then nice and quiet. Royal Purple helped but with the Pennzoil that irritating tick on cold starts is nonexistent. Historically I've changed the oil on an annual basis and the car typically showed 80% or better life remaining. I just changed the oil a couple of months ago at 90% indicated life and 1100 miles since the last change but had stretched the interval to two years (covid slowed life down). The used oil was still golden and clear after that two year interval. I never start the car unless I know I'll be driving it and will get the oil temperature up to 200 degrees or so which means the car may go two or three months between starts during the winter season. On those starts after an extended period I floor the foot feed (cuts off the injectors) and do a couple of 10 to 15 second cranks to build a little oil pressure before firing up.

I know what GM says re 12 months and it is a cheap maintenance item but do you readers think a two year interval is problematic based on the above? The car is currently at 61,000 miles.
Sep 10, 2005
I would change it every few years, no problem. I changed the oil in my trail Jeep in my sig last Nov. The previous oil change was summer '18.
I did UOA's years ago to confirm it was ok as it sits most of the time outside and idles a lot on the trail and there was no additional fuel, etc. than if I drove it several thousand miles.
Jul 21, 2008
Phila, PA
I have been doing 2 year intervals in my `03 ZO6 for years running Amsoil Sig. Series 5w-30 with a premium filter. May move up to 3 year interval.

Did a Blackstone UOA 15 ish years ago at a 27 month oil change, they suggested a 4 year old change interval.

I only drive about 500 miles a year and car is garaged. When driven almost always is brought up to full operating temp.