Champ PH820 011514ES1 cut & post #2

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Oct 3, 2015
Houston, Texas
If nothing is eventful, I usually do not make a cut & post but, someone wanted to see some recent eCore cut and posts. smile Enjoy!!! smile Oil change date: 06/04/2017 Miles on vehicle: 173382 Miles in service: 2878 Days in service: 60 Oil: Motorcraft Premium Synthetic Blend 5W30 Filter: Champ PH820 The MC SB 5W30 is cleaning stuff up and the filter is catching it. Champ PH820 Filter label. Date code: 011514ES1 08:34 Base plate exterior. I always had to go find the gasket on these until I cleaned the filter mount with brake cleaner. Base plate interior. The holes are smooth and do not cut the combo valve. Actually, the ADBV portion of the combo valve does not seal against the holes but a ring just outside the eight large holes. The bypass valve seals against the 6 small holes. They were very smooth. When in bypass, the oil enters through the 6 small holes and around the lip of the combo valve and into the outlet tube. Combo valve on the filter element. No issues noted. The valve was still soft and pliable. Opposite end of the combo valve. The flat portion is what seats on the 6 bypass holes. No issues noted on this end. Leaf spring. Also centers the element in the can. Element view #1. Element view #2. Element view #3. Combo valve end view of the filter element. Also a quick way to observe the element spacing. Filter is catching bits of carbon. Note the stripes are in line with the windows of the core. No issues noted in the cut & post other than the filter is working as advertised.
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ZeeOSix - actually, all the eCores look good. I am thinking one of these has 6K miles on it. IIRC the efficiency on these is lower than the Fram filters. 90% @ 20 micron multi-pass. And you are welcome.
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Not bad looking for an entry level filter. Is Champ Labs still making the STP filters sold at Auto Zone?
I think they are quite good for the 3-5K oil change. I am not sure Champ Labs is making 100% of the STP filters sold at Auto Zone. I do have one STP S2 in the stash that is about 1 year old. It looks like a Champ Labs filter but with the new core.
I may have to go by Auto Zone and have a look. It won’t be too hard to tell. I more interested in looking at the XL line. If it is a Champ XL clone, I’ll know.
You might check a few common part numbers. Some may be Champ and others may be something else. COO == China. I think the Champ XL would be a good filter.
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