Castrol Edge 10w60'Di-ester base for protection'

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Jul 14, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
Castrol Edge 10w60 mention " Di-ester base added for extra wear protection'. Is this the Ester Group 5 component of the engine oil ? First time i see them really mention any type of base.
Yes. Amsoil uses di-esters still to this day I have heard. Very good lubricity and solvency.

Mobil uses POE and AN's.
I'm pretty sure that a lot of oils us phthalate diesters as seal swell agents. Not sure how well these act specifically as lubricants.

I would have some concern with an oil with a very high diester content.
A chemist told me once that there are many better choices these days then diesters.
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Tempest, what is the problem with hig levels of diester ? I think they call it a "di-ester boost" in the ad.

Too much seal swell, potentially. If they do their homework it should be OK but still would make me uneasy. Polyol ester is much better all the way around except for cost.
on a recent trip to Europe (Germany in particular) I found that this lubricant has a very large following amongst racers - especially Audi, BMW and older air cooled Porsche Teams and Owners
Diesters is a Grp V. Though it may have lower performance than complex and polyol easters.

I am more interested to know if this Edge 10w60 has similar spec and formulation as the good old Castrol Formula RS 10w60?

Perhaps favor among racers because of its HTHS of above 5 to provide best bearing protection?
Yes this is what others have said. SO previous have mentioned di-ester to be a poor version of ester, but in another post on hear i have read that Motul 300V is also Di-ester. It must still have its benefits.
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