Carquest "brand" oil

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Jul 15, 2002
Mississauga, Ontario
I saw it mentioned in the "who makes Napa oil" thread that Napa and Carquest are both made by Valvoline. Is it the exactly same product inside? Can anyone confirm this 100%? [Smile]
Napa is blended by Valvoline. Valvoline is given the amounts of additives and blends to use for Napa. I called Citgo on an oil called Resolte. It says on the back of the bottle Citgo corp. Citgo said they just blend it and package it for resolute. They couldn't give me any info on it.
I used to use NAPA oil up until two years ago because the counter person told me it was repackaged Valvoline oil (which I thought was ok at the time. When I called Valvoline, they told me that the NAPA product had a "less robust" additive package than their Valvoline brand. Just annecdotal information. Call them yourself and see what their story is now.
Originally posted by MustangGT: Someone told me the Carguest brand oil was also rebranded valvoline.
Rebranded base oil... but the add-pack is weaker.
My son use to work for Carquest and the oil distribator said it was a "Required Blending to Carquests Spec's" by Valvoline. Its like a car dealer, keep the cream puffs on your own lot and wholesale the crap to the jipo dealer down the road. Thats just my 2 bits, Its good oil but is it the best "BANG" for the buck? DaveJ
The Carquest people told me it was the same as valvoline but don't mention it to customers unless they ask (their theory is that it might hurt Valvoline sales). It's probably not as good as valvoline (hard to imagine).
I question whether there're really any economies of scale in custom "down-blending" by a major motor oil producer. The logistics, alone, of scheduling production of a weaker blend without interferring with storage, bottling and delivery schedules of the company's primary blend seems to me would be a potential disaster waiting to happen. And, just how much weaker can the additive package of a house brand be and still meet "SM"/"GL-4" standards?
I actually work for CARQUEST in the corporate office. The CARQUEST brand oil is in fact a re-packaged Valvoline oil. It is the same exact thing on the inside. We buy in bulk from Valvoline and repackage it in our own bottle and label. It would be cost-inefficient for the company to reformulate the oil, just to sell it under a different label. It is the same thing with the CARQUEST brand "Blue" filters. They are Wix filters that get painted with our own label and a different box. Jay
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