Car Horns and Door Locks

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Jan 30, 2007
Clovis, CA
I'm sick to death of car horns going off every time somebody locks their door; is that really necessary? When I lock my car door, I can hear the door locks do their thing; I don't need a car horn to tell me the doors are locked. Just another thing I would make illegal if I was a dictator.
Yeah, I like the audio confirmation as well, mostly after I've walked far enough away and forgot whether I'd locked it or not.

If I'm close and know it's locked, I don't click the fob a second time for the honk.
Lot's of stuff bugs me in life....but this is not one of them.

Now...if I lived in an apartment complex and I had to listen to this on a regular basis....then yes, I would agree.
I changed mine over from just hearing the doors locking, to the ONE BEEP of the horn. I like this feature for when I am trying to find my car in crowded parking lots. Instead of pressing the EMERGENCY(red) button on the key fob, I just press the lock button and listen for the one beep.
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I suppressed the beep on mine. I'm usually close enough to hear the "chunk" of the locks and if I bother looking, the parking lights flicker.

Folks with the beep probably can't be bothered to figure out how to suppress the beep.
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"Horns are for highway emergency use only" -- Hank Hill.

It's like those cars (GMC Jimmys) that turn on reverse lights with the key fob to "help" the owner. Makes me pause in a parking lot, thinking they're actually backing out.
I'm one of the guilty ones with my Current Mercury. I do the double click to ensure that i did infact Lock it.

kept the honk suppressed on my neon, b/c it would honk every time a lock or unlock button was pushed, and i figured my neighbors would really appreciate the pre 6am horn honk 5 days a week...
I personally like audible confirmation. My Grand Marquis chirps the horn once the doors are locked and I haven't disabled it. The Envoy doesn't unless you hit the lock button twice on the fob.
I don't mind that, the chirp is pretty subtle, or,min the case of my BMW, is actually a slightly different beep.

My saab has the best transmitter I've ever used. It reaches literally across the parking lot from almost 100 yards. And, the lighting system in that car is great, so the flash can be seen with no need for a beep. I never had it turned on.
Originally Posted By: Colt45ws
That was literally the first thing I disabled on my CVLX when I bought it as it did that [censored] too. The locks are really loud anyways.

For me it's a minor annoyance. I actually didn't disable mine, but I've found that if I hit the interior lock button as I'm getting out, OR the keypad on the outside of the door the horn does NOT sound. I agree - the locks make a fairly loud click, IMHO no need for a horn. I also try to have a little consideration for my neighbors, especially (as someone else mentioned) if it is early morning/late night.

I've also noticed that many GM products (SUVS?) need to turn on the backup lights when you unlock the door. I don't like that because as previous mentioned you are not sure if the vehicle is actually backing up or not - and it isn't always possible to see inside if they have dark tinted windows (a whole other topic to be sure.)
Originally Posted By: michaelluscher
Ehh. I like audio confirmation. But would prefer a shallower beep like a Benz or Jag

Or the VW confirmation that sounds like a sick frog...

Sometimes I double tap my key fob to make the horn on the CX-9 go off... just to grind the wife's gears. I typically pay for it shortly thereafter.
I agree, it's as if people are saying 'look at me, I have an irritating audible locking system on my 10 year old Camry'. Or,' look at me, I have an irritating audible locking system on my new $90,000 Mercedes'. I have the audible muted. I just touch the lock feature on the drivers door armrest and I'm done.
Originally Posted By: Rolla07
I think most ppl dont know they can disable it..i have manual

I couldn't on my Magnum.
When I can hear the door locks, I don't press the button twice, and thus no horn. If I can't, I press it twice and get the audio confirmation.

Doesn't bother me one bit to hear others.
Doesn't bother me. Only hear it at stores, I don't bother locking my vehicles in my driveway nor at work.

Seatbelt chimes, that now that bothers me...
Originally Posted By: MNgopher
When I can hear the door locks, I don't press the button twice, and thus no horn. If I can't, I press it twice and get the audio confirmation.

Doesn't bother me one bit to hear others.

My daughter's Mazda3 is this way!
On the first press of the key fob, the doors will lock. If you're close enough, you can hear them. But if not, on the second press of the key fob, the horn will honk.

What we've noticed is that, if the horn doesn't honk on the 2nd press of the key fob, is that something is ajar such as the trunk lid. I don't know if this is the same for door ajar but, I'll have to test it.

This was good to know though, it took some investigating to figure this out!
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