Car Covers

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Jan 23, 2003
ON, Canada
I am considering using a car cover on a regularly driven car that I park outside. The problem is my current house doesn't have the garage space for this car, and but I would like to protect it until I am able to move to a place with a bigger garage (this car is stored winters at another garage). My main concerns are protecting the paint from the sun, bird droppings, and tree debris.

Is this a practical idea, or more trouble than it's worth? The covers I am looking at have Kimberly-Clark Block-it material. There are three levels available, 100, 200, 300. I am looking at the 200 now, since it is not too much more expensive than the 100, and it is almost half the price of the 300.

Any advice and experiences would be appreciated. Previous to this, I have only used car covers on vehicles stored inside.
I got the Noah cover last year that covers my F150 Supercrew. Like you, no room in the garage after the other two cars are in there. I would recommend a custom cover. They are specifically built for your car and will have the stretch band on the bottom. If your car is outside during a windstorm, you'll be glad you got a tight fit. Here in Oklahoma it's ALWAYS windy. Cover has held up fine through last summer, winter and to today. Bird droppings easily wash off. I like it, but they are bulky. Haven't noticed any paint maring yet. They are not waterproof, but do repel a lot of water. Also, when the cover is on, put your climate controls on vent mood or crack a window so the insides can breath. Everyonce in a while, take the cover off and wash the car. Dust will still find it's way between the cover and paint.
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